Perfect Filter Apps For Your Photos

Want to edit your pictures like a professional. There are many online editing tools that you can use to edit your pictures. However, the real problem is that most of these tools are difficult to use or have a complex user interface. If you search online, you will get hundreds of suggestions, and you cannot choose the perfect one without using all of them. Here is a list of some best Photo editor apps that you will love to use.

VSCO Filter App

Vsco is considered one of the best Beauty filter apps. This app has a vast collection of filters that you can use to enhance your pictures. The best thing about this app is that you can customize the filters according to your preferences.

You can change the filter by changing the sharpness, intensity, focus point, skin tone, vignette, and film grain. This app has a selfie camera itself that enables you to take your picture and edit it simultaneously.

There are advanced picture editing tools in this that you can use to make more changes. This app is very easy to use. You can apply multiple filters to your picture in one tap. This app is not completely free. You have to purchase the membership, which is $19.99 per year, to get to all features of the app.

Snapseed Filter App

Snapseed is a perfect app for those who want to edit their picture professionally. If you are a beginner, this app might be difficult to use for you as there are complex tools and features in this app. This app has an amazing collection of filters for pictures.

This app has the customization option that you can use to make some changes in the filters, like changing the intensity or focus.  The best thing about this app is that it has a non-destructive editing feature. By using this feature, you can undo or remove any layer of changes at any time in the edit history option.

Using this app, you can also add HDR effects or portrait enhancement filters to your pictures. The only problem with the app is that its user interface is not friendly for newbies.

A Color Story Filter App

A color story is another amazing photo editor that you can use to edit your pictures. The main focus of this app is to enhance your pictures by increasing the saturation and brightness of the colors in the pictures.

You can also create your filter in this app and save it for later use. The good thing about this app is that there are other editing tools that you can use to make more changes to your pictures. This app is completely free to use.

This app has 100+ customizable photo filters and 20+ editing tools to make your pictures perfect. You can edit one or a batch of pictures in this app. This app has 40+ motion effects that you can apply to your pictures, like a flare, light leakage, and texture. You can also make changes to these effects by using different tools. The negative point of this app is that it crashes sometimes, or when you are editing pictures in batch, then the app might slow down.

Dark Room Filter App

Use the darkroom app to make your pictures perfect and unique. This app has a beauty camera that you can use to apply a filter on a live photo. This feature makes this app different from other apps.

This app has an amazing collection of filters. You can also customize your filter and save it to use in the future. Other photo editing tools like shadow settings, stickers for pics, exposure, and curves are available in this app.

You can edit the picture in a batch in this app, but the drawback of this feature is that it slows down the app. This app is not completely free to use, but most of the tools and features of the app are free. But in the free version of the app, there are only 12 filters available.

Afterlight Filter App

The best thing about this app is that well-known photographers design the makeup filters in the app. This means that you are not just changing the brightness or saturation of colors when using this app. This app has multiple modes like vintage, fresh, and cool.

You can use a single, or you can apply multiple filters on one picture. Even with these professionally created filters, you have the option to make changes like saturation, brightness, and intensity. Or you can also create your filter in the app and save it.

To make this app user-friendly, the filters are grouped by color. If you want access to all the features of the app, then you have to purchase the membership of the app. And the features available for the free version of the app are very limited. Another downside of this app is that this app is very rarely updated.

Enlight Photofox Filter App

As the name indicated, this app will enlighten your pictures. This app has many advanced features that you can use to make your Instagram feed or any social media account unique and colorful. There are filters designed by professionals in this app. The good thing is that you can adjust those filters according to your preference.

The duo filter adds an attractive look to your pictures by featuring two colors. Show some creativity in the app and create your filters. You can save these presets for later use. The makeup camera in the app allows you to apply filters on a live photo.

You can enjoy all the features of the app for free. Buy the membership of the app and enjoy advanced features like a mask. The cons of this app are that the app’s free version has very limited features, and only iPhone users can install this app.

Wrapping It Up

Add fun and creativity to your pictures by using filters apps. A list of all well-rated filter or photo editing apps is mentioned above. Check the features of each app and choose one that matches your requirements.

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