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Please Be Seated: 5 Types of Wedding Chairs to Consider for Your Wedding

Choosing your wedding chairs is a big decision. The chairs you have at your ceremony and reception set the tone for the whole event. To help you out, banquet tablecloths narrowed down five of the most popular chairs.

From the popular Chiavari chairs to the ultra-hip, clear chair, this round-up has everything you need to know about wedding chairs.

  1. Chiavari Chairs

Chiavari chairs are still some of the most popular wedding reception chairs. These beautiful, classic staples are timeless and elegant. Their versatility is one of the main selling points. They come in a wide variety of colors and materials.

You can choose between wood, metal, clear, resin, or European Chiavari chairs. Your choice will depend on the style of your wedding. From traditional to farmhouse, and everything between, Chiavari chairs complement any wedding theme.

  1. Wooden Wedding Chairs

Wood chairs make for a great natural element in your wedding décor. Wood helps to warm up a space and make it cozier. Wood chairs also come in a variety of styles.

Just because it’s a wood chair doesn’t mean it’s only for a farm or backyard wedding. Chiavari chairs also come in wood. You’ll find wood cross back chairs that make you feel like you’re at a café in Paris.

Wood chairs are versatile, elegant, and go with almost any wedding style. You can find a wood chair that will fit into any wedding budget as well.

  1. White Wedding Chairs

There is something about a white chair that screams wedding classic. Whether it’s a wood or resin chair, white is a classic, wedding staple.

The most quintessential white wedding chair has a thick slat across the back and thick, white wooden legs. You’ll find these at almost any major event because they are so easy to fold and transport.

  1. Folding Lawn Chair

Folding chairs are great for changing over a wedding. Let’s say your wedding ceremony and your reception are all in the same space. During cocktail hour, you’ll likely fold the chairs and move them over to the dining tables.

With folding chairs, you can use the same chairs from your ceremony at your reception. This makes folding chairs a popular choice for weddings. Folding chairs also come in a variety of different styles.

Just because a chair folds, doesn’t mean it looks inexpensive. You can have a beautiful, elegant looking chair that folds to make the big day a little easier.

  1. Ghost Clear Chairs

Clear chairs are becoming increasingly popular for modern weddings. Clear ghost chairs allow for your theme and color scheme to be the star. With a clear chair, you’re setting the tone for the rest of your décor.

Clear chairs go great with modern or retro weddings. These work well in urban and industrial environments, but they can also elevate an outdoor or backyard wedding.

Wedding Chairs 101

Your wedding chairs help to set the tone for your whole day. Whether you’re going backyard casual or black tie or white chair covers for weddings, the chair you choose says a lot about your wedding style.

Thankfully, there are a wide variety of chairs in every style and color. Whether you go formal or farmhouse, there’s a chair to make your dream wedding a reality. For more wedding and décor tips, head to the blog section for more great resources.

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