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Plumbing Tools The Everyday Homeowner Would Use

Small clogs in your toilets and sinks, minor damages and leaks from your pipes are a nuisance but are seldomly a cause for concern. These little inconveniences can easily be handled by the everyday homeowner using tools that can already be found in your house. And these tools can lead to either you stepping on ankle-deep water or keeping your home free from any water damage. The professional and skilled plumbers over at Baulkham Hills have given us a list of tools that every homeowner should have in their house. If you don’t have these, then maybe it’s time to consider getting them.


The good old plunger is one of the most common and the best plumbing tools that you can find in any household. Great for helping unclog toilets and sinks so that they wouldn’t overflow and create a huge mess in your bathroom. There are two types of plungers, namely the flange plunger and the cup plunger. The flange plunger is a great help in unclogging toilets by using its soft rubber flange in-order to get a better seal around your toilet bowl. The cup plunger on the other hand is primarily used to help unclog flat-surface drains like tubs and sinks. Having either one in your home can definitely help in preventing what could be a huge flood on your floor.

Duct Tape

Also known as “The King of All Adhesives”, it is known for how versatile it could be and can be used in almost any repair that you might do. It can help patch up some small leaks in your pipes for the time being because it very water resistant, you can use it when repairing other plumbing issues outside and you don’t have to worry about it unsticking because it is quite durable and strong, and direct sunlight doesn’t affect it as much as any other tapes because it is very heat resistant.

Tape Measures

When you’re dealing with plumbing, you most likely would need to take very accurate measurements, especially with pipe and tubing. That’s when this handy tool comes in. Small and lightweight, you can put this thing virtually almost anywhere. The tape measure can help you prevent any costly mistakes that you might have done if you measured tubing and piping inaccurately.


Adjustable wrenches are some of the must have in any home plumbing tool kit. Able to help tighten or loosen pipes so that you can stop any leaking coming from them, help water flow more easily, or help by removing the pipe entirely. Two types of wrenches are needed in every household as stated by the professional plumbers near Bexley, those being the Basin Wrench and the Pipe wrench. The Basin wrench is mostly used to tighten valve lock nuts and sinks or remove them entirely. The Pipe Wrench, as it names implies, is a heavy-duty tool with excellent grip, great for tightening, loosening, replacing, or removing any pipes.

Heavy Duty Rubber Gloves

The skilled plumbers over at Brookvale also suggest having some Heavy-Duty Rubber Gloves at the ready. These underappreciated accessories can help protect your hand from any sharp objects that might come out of your pipes as you work. They also serve as a great way of keeping your hands and wrists clean, especially when dealing with pipes and whatever sludge and other nasty stuff that can come from them.

Plumber’s Snake

When you have a problem with clogs but a traditional plunger is way too big for the job, then consider the Plumber’s Snake your best friends. Plumber’s Snakes are handheld devices that help unclog drains. They are easier to operate than they look and are a very worthwhile investment in getting one.

Tubing Cutters

This tool is perfect for those who prefer to tackle the plumbing and pipe problem themselves. While using the good old hand saws or hacks saws can lead to some inaccurate cuttings and sometimes ill fits, using a tubing cutter you can cut your tubes more precisely and not have to worry about the tubes not fitting correctly, and on top of that they are much easier and safer to use.

Metal File

Sometimes after cutting you are left with some rough edges. These edges are sometimes detrimental when you are trying to fit your pipes. By using a metal file, you can smoothen up those rough edges so that your pipe can fit just right.

Thread Seal Tape

These tapes, also known as “Plumber’s Tape”, help prevent water from leaking from the pipes by sealing up any gaps in the thread used to connect them to other pipes or appliances.


The average homeowner doesn’t need to get all of these tools for their house but it is still better to have them around just in case an emergency happens and so that you are more prepared to handle whatever may happen.

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