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Reddit website is the best social website which contains a great collection of news, web content, and much more. You can comment and like the posts and communicate with other people on the Reddit site. But this site is not for the use of kids as it contains some adult content.

You will post on this site where other people connect with you through the comment of the post you share on this site. You can create your account on this website and one more positive point of the Reddit website is that other people who also have accounts on this site follow you if they want. If you sign up or create an account on the Reddit website you will enjoy more web content on it.

As Reddit is the best communication platform but in some regions of the world, the Reddit site is not available. But there is a lot of other websites available which are similar to Reddit. You can also follow people on this website and communicate with them.

Is Reddit website safe for use?

Reddit website is the best website to watch memes, web content, funny posts and provide the platform to communicate with the people whose sense of humor matches with yours. This website is safe for use now but make sure that your kids are not using this website.

Is Reddit available right now?

Reddit is the most popular social app through which a lot of people communicate with one another, create an account and make new friends. In some regions of the world, the Reddit website is available but in some regions of the world, this website is not available. So, the people of these regions where the Reddit app is not available are looking for a Reddit replacement.

There are a lot of Reddit replacements available. You can use these replacements as alternatives to Reddit.

These Reddit alternatives are almost similar in their functions. If the Reddit website is causing errors while functioning, you can try other websites like Reddit from the below-mentioned list of websites similar to Reddit.

Best alternatives to Reddit

Reddit is the best social website available. Reddit websites provide you with the easiest way to communicate with each other. But unfortunately, with time the users of this website are facing errors and are looking for some apps similar to Reddit which provide a platform like Reddit’s website and perform better than Reddit.

All below-mentioned websites are the best Reddit alternatives chose any of them as a Reddit replacement.

  • Hive
  • Quora
  • 4 Chan
  • Steemit
  • Hackers News
  • Product Hunt
  • Mix
  • Imgur
  • Slashdot
  • 9Gag
  • Milfzr

Hive- Sites like Reddit

Hive is the website similar to Reddit. You can choose this website as Reddit alternative. Apart from all the features same as Reddit website, hive website is the project management platform. The management of this website manage your project faster. If you are looking for the sites like reddit, try Hive.

Quora- Better than Reddit

Another most popular working website which provide the platform like Reddit website. The features of this website are same as  reddit website. This website is available in numerous languages. The headquarter of this website is in U.S. Quora website is published in 2010 and from that time to till this website is still active and offering it’s services throughout the world. If you want the same featured website like Reddit, pick Quora as an alternative.

4Chan- Reddit replacement

Another good addition to the list of alternatives to Reddit is 4Chan.

Officially this website is launched in 2003 and is still active. Reddit is a site similar to 4Chan. These features are almost the same. You can also try this website as a Reddit replacement.

Steemit- Similar to Reddit

Steemit is also a popular website like Reddit. This website is launched in 2016 but is better than Reddit. The features of this website are also the same. If you want some best Reddit alternatives, choose steemit as an alternative website.

Hackers News- Like Reddit

Hacker News is the most popular social website. But its main focus is on topics related to computer science. Hacker News website is a good addition to the list of most popular alternatives to Reddit’s website.  This website is launched almost 14 years ago and is still active. you must try it as an alternative.

Product Hunt- Reddit website

Another good addition to the list of popular Alternatives to Reddit. This is the American website and its features are almost the same as the Reddit website. This website is popular for discovering new products. This app is also use as website similar to Reddit.

Mix- Reddit alternative

Looking for some Reddit like apps, try Mix. The features of this website are same as Reddit website. You can follow people on this website to chat with them and to know more about them. In short, this website is also the best alternative to Reddit website.


Imgur’s website is the best image-sharing app. This app will easily replace the Reddit website as the features of both websites are almost the same. This website is available all over the world and is active. So you must think about this website while choosing the Reddit alternative.


Slashdot’s website contains a collection of news and stories based on science, technology, and politics. You do not need to register yourself for using this website. So you say that this website is the best alternative to the Reddit website.


9Gag is the best entertaining app as a lot of entertainment stuff is uploaded on the homepage of this website. One best part about this Reddit similar site is that you can also upload content on this website and this website is safe for use. If you are looking for the best Reddit replacement, choose the 9Gag website as a Reddit alternative.


Milfzr is the last audition in the list of popular Reddit alternatives. If you want to see adult content then use this website as a Reddit alternative.

Final words

Reddit website is the best social website which is available all over the world. Due to some issues, if the Reddit website is not working properly, then you can try any website as a Reddit alternative to the above-mentioned list.

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