Preventing Hair Loss

Preventing Hair Loss: Do Anti-Androgen Supplements Really Work?

Hair plays a big part in our identity as human beings. If it starts to fall out, especially if this happens at a young age, it can have a huge impact on self-esteem, leading to things like depression and anxiety.

This stress can spill over into other areas in your life, which can affect your work performance and relationships.

So what do you do about it?

Instead of trying to hide your bald spots under hats and hairstyles, you might be able to start taking anti-androgen supplements to regrow some of that hair you lost. If you’re skeptical, we’ve put together this guide to help you learn more about this treatment option, how it works, and whether or not it will give you real results.

Let’s get started!

How Do Anti-Androgen Supplements Prevent Hair Loss

Androgen is a male hormone, and you might know it for its responsibility in developing male traits and its role in reproductive activity. But it does more than that. Androgen (also known as DHT) is also the cause of genetic, early hair loss.

This hormone impacts hair follicles by making them thinner, which, in turn, leaves you with less hair. It can even prevent new hair from growing at all, so if you don’t do anything about it, you can end up completely bald over time.

Anti-androgen is a hormone-balancing supplement that protects your hair.

When you take this supplement, it blocks the androgen from reaching your hair follicles. This gives your hair a chance to grow thicker and longer, and you may notice new hair growth in previously problem areas.

Can Women Take These Supplements?


Androgen is considered to be a male hormone, but just as males have estrogen, females have androgen as well. Because of this, doctors can prescribe androgen to treat female hair loss, and it will have the same effects as it would in a male patient.

In fact, women have more options when it comes to anti-androgen supplements (we’ll touch on that more below).

How to Start Taking Anti-Androgen

The first thing you need to do is set up an appointment with your doctor. Anti-androgen is a prescription medication, so you won’t be able to find it at your local, over-the-counter drug store.

These supplements do come with some side effects. Depending on your personal circumstances, your doctor might not recommend them for you. If you have pre-existing health conditions, you may also not be a good candidate for this treatment.

So make sure you do your homework and listen to your doctor. If you can’t take anti-androgen, there are still many other types of hair loss treatment options that might work better for you. If you want to take a look at a few examples, make sure you go here.

If your doctor does think anti-androgens are a good idea for your hair loss condition, you will receive one of the two medications.


There’s a good chance your doctor will prescribe you a topical anti-androgen supplement. You can apply this solution directly to your scalp to fight off high levels of androgen. It is a quick and easy process, so you won’t have trouble fitting it into your hair care routine.

For men, this is the best option. Women can either use topical anti-androgen treatments or take oral capsules.


Getting the benefits of your anti-androgen supplements in this case is as fast as swallowing a pill. You will take it as often as your doctor recommends, which may be every day or a few times a week.

However, only women can take these oral supplements.

Oral anti-androgen tablets contain different ingredients that don’t interact well with male hormones. While it’s safe for women to take these additional components, it might cause more harm in males than good.

Listen to your doctor’s advice about the best treatment for your needs, and don’t try to switch supplement types.

Do Anti-Androgen Supplements Really Work?

In most cases, yes. Anti-androgen supplements have had strong results preventing, and even reversing, hair loss in both men and women.

However, everyone is different.

Just because anti-androgen works for your sister doesn’t mean it will have the same effects on your body. If you start taking anti-androgen supplements and don’t notice any results after several weeks or months, you should have another talk with your doctor. They may be able to adjust your dose or help you find a better treatment for your needs.

You shouldn’t have to worry about that, though. Taking anti-androgen supplements will likely give you great results, and you’ll find yourself with a thicker, healthier head of hair.

Making Your Hair Health a Priority

The condition of your hair might not affect your physical health, but it can have a big impact on your confidence. If you don’t like the way your hair looks, it’s worth finding options and spending money to make a change. This can boost your self-esteem, which can then improve the overall quality of your life.

Don’t make the mistake of thinking that caring about your hair is too superficial or that paying for anti-androgen supplements “isn’t worth it.” If your hair is important to you, then taking care of it is important as well.

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