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Primary Reasons To Get Your Fireplace Inspected By A Home Inspector

According to most home inspection experts, a fireplace inspection should be carried out every one or two years. Sometimes, the inspection can also be carried out before purchasing or selling a house. It doesn’t matter whether the fireplace is a new one or an old one because not maintaining the same can raise safety concerns for the fireplace or chimney.

Thus, it’s always an ideal move to be aware of any fireplace issues, so that the same could be solved without any hassles. Therefore, to help you stay safe we have listed out some of the major problems that you can find wrong with your fireplace with a proper home inspection in Katy. Learning about these issues will help you stay ahead of the curve and thus get the necessary arrangements to solve them.

Top Reasons To Get Your Fireplace Inspected By A Professional Home Inspector

  1. Problems With The Chimney Cap

If you notice any tear or damage to your chimney cap, then rodents & birds can easily get into your chimney and thereby will start making a nest. Moreover, snow & rain can also get inside your chimney, especially if the cap is damaged.

  1. Occurrence Of Chimney Fires

If you don’t clean your fireplace properly over time, then it can lead to a huge build-up of creosote. Creosote is a by-product of any fuel (preferably wood) that hasn’t burnt fully yet. That means that chimney fires can start at any time, leading to widespread damage to your home.

  1. Poisoning Due To The Presence Of Creosote

Piggybacking to our earlier point – creosote not only leads to chimney fires but can also introduce various issues such as:

  • Respiratory problems
  • Eye & skin irritation
  • Liver irritation
  • Kidney irritation
  • Seizures
  • Confusion
  • Increase in the risk of skin cancer

Thus, creosote is much more dangerous than you originally think it to be, making the removal process all the more essential.

  1. Overall Age Of The Fireplace

Most of the fireplace problems surface due to inadequately maintained chimneys or fireplaces over time. One of those health risks obviously includes the accumulation of creosote (mentioned above). However, the problems lie beyond just general health issues.

Besides, you also need to consider the overall structural integrity of your fireplace and chimney. Old fireplaces, if not maintained properly, can lead to expensive repairs.

  1. Cracks & Gaps On The Chimney & Fireplace Mortar

Your chimney or fireplace is subjected to multiple weathering elements across numerous seasonal changes. Such seasonal changes introduce small hairline cracks or gaps in the mortar of the fireplace or chimney structure.

Hairline cracks aren’t problematic to solve, but when these hairline cracks become large-sized gaps or cracks, that’s where the issue arises. Ultimately, it can lead to the collapse of your chimney or fireplace.

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