Problems with Air Filters

Problems with Air Filters That You Should Never Make

Having the greatest air filters in the world will only guarantee optimal performance if you are diligent. The following post will discuss some of the more frequent errors that may be made with air filters. 

To keep your HVAC system running well, follow these guidelines and avoid making these common mistakes. To learn more, keep reading!

Neglecting to Change the Filters

Problems with airflow might arise when filters are filthy or blocked. For your HVAC system to work correctly, you need a 15x24x1 air filter to clean the air as it circulates. This will cause the unit to work more to keep the desired temperature.

Restricting airflow makes it harder to avoid breathing in allergens and microorganisms. The importance of remembering that respiratory disorders are among the most frequent causes of death worldwide cannot be overstated. Therefore, it is highly recommended that you promptly replace any filters that have been soiled.

The Unit was Installed Incorrectly

Verify that the filter has been correctly placed. If repaired incorrectly, they will no longer serve their intended purpose. A backward installation will cause problems. The best course of action if you have yet to learn how to install it yourself is to get some help from a qualified technician.

You should examine the air filter more closely to spot the arrow. Point the hand at the fire. It is essential to explore the unit again to ensure it has been appropriately fixed after any maintenance. The point is to have everything set up correctly, so your system works as intended.

Making the Wrong Choice Regarding Size

The majority of users, especially newcomers, make this fundamental error. Get the correct measurement to ensure a successful installation and optimal performance of your HVAC system.

After all, you want the filter to be efficient, with no air escaping around it. Since most of the air will flow around the filter if it is too tiny, it will not be able to clean the air properly.

We advise you to get assistance from a technical expert if you need more knowledge to operate these machines. You must avoid this oversight if you want your HVAC system to function at peak efficiency.

Careless Ignorance of the MERV Rating

Minimum efficiency reporting value (MERV) is a phrase that may be unfamiliar to you. Your answer should be a number between 1 and 20. This number, then, is indicative of the filter’s efficiency at removing airborne contaminants.

 The unit is more efficient to the extent that the value is more significant.

HEPA filters are the most excellent option since they improve the performance of practically any gadget. For example: to provide adequate air filtration, many hospitals utilize filters with a higher grade, such as those used in aircraft. You may use them to keep out allergens, including dust, mold spores, pollen, and pet dander.


To those who suffer from asthma from allergies, we recommend looking at this ranking and selecting the most appropriate filter for your needs.

majority of users, especially newcomers, make this fundamental error. Get the correct measurement to ensure a successful installation

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