Quiz games, apps, and websites to build teams in 2022

Our list of the top quiz sites and games for teams has been found.

There are many ways to share knowledge-based challenges online, via apps, websites, or through quiz games. You could play Personality Quizzes or Trivial Pursuit. These tools are designed to encourage teamwork and bonding through fun games.

These tools are a type of team-building game. They are similar to trivia games. These tools can be used for virtual gaming or team building activities for work.

This list contains:

  • Free team quizzes to help you get to know your colleagues better
  • team quiz games online
  • online multiplayer trivia games
  • fun quiz games online
  • Trivia games for adults
  • online general knowledge quizzes

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Check out this list of team quiz games

This list contains a variety of tools that can be used to build teamwork at school, work, or community events.

1. Jeopardy

Jeopardy is a popular adult trivia game. This quiz game can be used for either individual or group play. You can make the categories specific to your industry or align with players’ areas of expertise and interests.

Jeopardy’s basic rules are simple: players choose a category and a prize amount and then answer the question. All answers must be given in question form. The host keeps track and awards points to the winning team or player.

You can play Jeopardy in many different ways, such as via slide show or app or websites.

This guide will show you how to build a team in Jeopardy. It also includes a list with ways to play Jeopardy online.

2. Virtual Team Trivia

Virtual Team Trivia, an online team game that is fully supported and facilitated, is one of the most popular online quiz games. A high-energy host guides teams through several rounds of trivia and mini games in a variety of formats for 60 minutes. This ensures that everyone is engaged and attentive. The game allows players to guess puns and wager points. They can also race against other teams to solve more questions correctly and win the quiz game crown. Virtual Team Trivia is customizable to any topic you choose. It comes in many themes including holiday trivia, general knowledge, space and sea, as well as international trivia.

3. Kahoot!

Kahoot! One of the most popular free quiz platforms for teams. It makes it simple to play group quiz games. Simply log in, create a quiz and share the room pin code to participants. The pin is entered into mobile devices by the players who then use their smartphones or tablets to answer. Based on speed and accuracy, the app automatically adds points to your score. The game also allows users to add videos and photos, as well as animated graphics. Kahoot! Names the winners.

4. Fun Trivia

Fun Trivia has thousands of trivia questions on hundreds of subjects. You can also participate in live trivia challenges and compete in hourly competitions. There are many formats for the quizzes: photo, matching and fill-in-the-blanks. You can search through hundreds of quizzes on popular topics or make your own.

5. Sporcle

Sporcle offers a variety of entertaining quizzes, including “can these teen movies be named from a snippet from a one-star rating?” and “can you select the correct state from two cities that begin with Q, Z, or X?” Users can filter through quizzes by difficulty, lengths, ratings, types, favourites, and more. There are also puzzle quests, multiplayer modes and live trivia contests. You can also create new quizzes.

6. Trivial Pursuit

Trivial Pursuit is a classic multiplayer quiz game. The game’s basic premise is that players must move around the board answering questions in six categories: Geography, Entertainment History, Literature Science & Nature Sports & Leisure. Players earn colored wedges for correctly answering questions in each category. You must collect at least one colored wedge.

You can play Trivial Pursuit with your team in many different ways. You and your team can also play the board game if you’re playing in person.

You can check out the Trivial Pursuit website game and the Trivial Pursuit Knowledge App.

7. Slack Trivia

Trivia is an Slack app that allows channel members to share random challenges. You can play instant or customised quizzes, true and false, GIF charades and word puzzles. Trivia has virtual water cooler functions, and the ability to schedule virtual happy hours. It notifies teammates when a new game starts and keeps an office scoreboard as well as a leaderboard for ongoing competitions.

Get the Trivia extension and browse other team Slack applications.

8. Trivia Maker

Trivia Maker is a quiz for virtual calls . There are four game types available on the site: grid, list and trivia. These templates allow gamemasters to easily input data and create a fun and engaging quiz show. Or, they can choose from hundreds of games that have been submitted by others. You can stream the game to many devices, including smartphones, tablets, televisions, projectors, and computers. It also has many customizable elements. Trivia Maker is available in four subscription levels, including a basic, free forever option.

9. Quizlet

Quizlet is one the most popular quiz platforms. It uses flash-cards to ask players questions on different topics. You can either choose from pre-existing quizzes in languages, sciences, arts, and humanities or create your own. The cards can be used to answer individual questions or for timed games such as Match or Gravity.

10. QuizWhizzer

QuizWhizzer, a gamified quiz platform for students and teachers, is also great for work teams. Gamemakers have the ability to create a quiz that features a custom background image, eight question types, including multiple choice, drag and drop, ordering and short answer. There are also interactive power-ups and multi-choice options. The code allows players to join the game and choose an avatar. Each quiz can hold up to fifty people. QuizWhizzer provides a free version and a monthly pro subscription plan.

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