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Rado Watches: Its History and Reasons Why You Should Get One 

A wristwatch is an accessory that can complete your overall style. You might sometimes feel that your look lacks something when you fail to incorporate a matching watch. There is a high chance that you always decide to buy a wristwatch whenever you accomplish a life goal or overcome a difficult task. It is to give yourself a wide range of options when styling.

In your quest for purchasing a timepiece, do you always lean towards luxury brands? Do you have the heart to buy expensive stuff? Does buying high-end watches make you feel a sense of fulfillment? If you answered yes to all these questions, you are probably aware of the most expensive brands in the market, such as Rado. If you love to get a watch of this brand for yourself, continue reading because we have prepared its brief history and the reasons why it’s worth your money.

A Brief History of Rado

The majority of people admire the products that Rado manufactures. It is not only because of their superior quality but also due to their remarkable history. It has proven that the company is committed to providing competitive and highly functional Rado watches. So if you are curious about its history and you want to know where this luxury brand started, read on.

Let’s get to know its Founders

Rado was first known as Schlup and Co. The name came from its founders’ last name. They were siblings, namely Fritz, Ernst, and Werner Schlup.  They established it in 1917 but it was not as big as it is now. Their watchmaking factory was only a part of their home – simple and small enough to create watches. Due to the brothers’ hard work and determination to succeed, their company became one of the largest producers. In 1950, they decided to change the company name to Rado. A decade after that, the products they manufactured entered the international market. People from all over the world were able to buy their products. Lengnau Switzerland is the place that manufactures Rado watches ever since its existence, thus making them Swiss-made.

The competitive edge of Rado

The greatest edge of Rado is its ability to provide innovations and advancements that other brands in the market often disregard. It becomes the leading brand in terms of producing watches with never known features, such as scratch-resistant timepieces.

Why should you buy Rado watches?

You have probably asked yourself why you should buy this luxury watch. Other people will have the same question for you. With the amount of money you will spend on a wristwatch, it is understandable to receive this kind of question. It drives you into researching the watch you are about to purchase. In this way, you get to know more about the product features that would help you identify if it can reach your standard for a timepiece. So now, let’s discuss some reasons why you should spend your money on Rado watches instead of much less expensive ones.

Excellent materials are used to manufacture Rado watches.

When it comes to innovation, Rado will never get left behind because it is often the pioneer. It uses a high-tech ceramic material for its watches using innovative, long-enduring, and hypoallergenic technology. Compared to gold, it is harder yet lighter that makes it an ideal choice for a wristwatch. You no longer have to settle for products that are not comfortable to wear.

If you want a wristwatch that can perfectly suit all types of wardrobe, then consider buying Rado watches with plasma high-tech material. This material is fascinating because it can easily attract other people’s attention.

Rado uses a combination of high-tech ceramic and metal alloy, known as ceramos. Having this kind of material will ensure you of a comfortable and lifetime watch.

It is a status symbol

Rado watches can ultimately symbolize your status in society. It is worth a thousand dollars that rarely everyone can afford. That is why when people see it on your wrist, they can immediately know that you are a part of the elite group. This brand can do its job well of representing how successful you are in your field of expertise. For instance, people will assume that you have landed a high-paying job once they see you wear a luxury timepiece. More often than not,  a Rado watch has the power to make other people respect and admire you by just the sight of it.

In a Nutshell

Luxurious timepieces used in your everyday life can help you carry yourself better. It is one of the accessories that can improve other people’s perception of you. If you want to acquire a lifetime watch to symbolize your success in life, consider Rado watches because it is doing a great job in meeting user’s expectations!

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