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Reasons for increased Persian cat price in India

Bringing home a Persian cat can be a great decision. Persian cats are probably one of the most commonly chosen species by most people. There are multiple reasons why cat enthusiasts are in love with Persian cats. They have round faces, shiny fur quality, luxurious coats, gentle temperament, and thick legs that contribute to their unique appearance. However, before you bring a Persian cat home, you must know that the Persian cat price in India is always higher.

A Persian cat is not only famous in India but also throughout the world. They are one of the most adorable breeds with excellent features. Initially, they were found in Europe, where they came with the Persian traders. Due to their exceptional appearance and gentle nature, Persian cats became famous among cat lovers. They were also one of those breeds that first appeared in the cat show. With a remarkable history, Persian cats generally require owners to pay a good price.

However, several other factors add to the Persian cat price in India. Here, we will find out some of them so that you can understand the primary reasons behind the expensive price tag.

Significant factors affecting the Persian cat price in India

According to market research, it has been found that female Persian cats tend to become more expensive compared to male Persian cats. However, it is just not about gender, as overall, the Persian cat price is on the higher side. Do you want to know why? If yes, the following are the primary reasons for the increased cost.

Location: A primary factor that generally affects the Persian cat price in India is location. Depending on the place where you live and from where you are buying the Persian cat, it will have an impact on the price tag. Persian cats generally have a higher price tag in cities than in rural areas.

The reason is that people in urban areas have more demand for Persian cats, which adds to the price tag. So if you can buy a Persian cat from a rural area, you might be able to get it at a reduced price.

Colour of coat: Another essential factor that adds to the price of a Persian cat is its colour. The quality and colour are both associated with the price tag. Persian cats available in standard colours like beige, black, white and grey are generally available at an expected price tag.

However, if you require something different from the specified colours, you might need to pay more to the breeder. Since those colours are rare, there are chances that the breeder requires breeding to get the result.

Certification: It is always suggested to look for a Persian cat that is certified. Remember that a Persian cat that does not come with the certification is not considered a Persian cat. Therefore, most breeders require registration and provide authentic certificates. As this overall adds to the breeders’ price, it adds to the Persian cat price in India.

Quality breeder: The last and one of the most crucial aspects that adds to the Persian cat price is the breeder quality. When you’re choosing a reputed breeder, it will add up to the cost as reputation requires paying extra. When you compare a reputable breeder with a newly arrived breeder offering a Persian cat, you will find them having a lesser price tag.

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