Reasons Why TP Link AC1200 Extender Firmware Update Failed

If you are trying to update the firmware of your TP Link AC1200 WiFi range extender but failed, then chances are you are not following the correct instructions. Well, there isn’t any one reason behind the firmware update failed issue. But, you don’t have to worry at all! We are always at your back. Through this article, we will make you familiar with the topmost reasons why your TP Link AC1200 extender failed to update the latest version of firmware. Knowing the reasons, you will be able to troubleshoot the issue on the fly. Let’s get started!

Reasons Why TP Link AC1200 Extender Firmware Failed

Reason 1

One of the major yet common reasons why the TP link extender firmware update failed because of the wrong firmware version. To do away with the problem, make sure that you have selected the correct firmware version as per the availability of the extender’s model.

You can update the firmware of your range extender by following the on-screen instructions provided on the TP link tether app, the device’s official site, or setup page.

Reason 2

Make sure that you have a stable and active internet connection to perform the TP link firmware update process in a successful manner. To confirm the same, do the following:

  • Make sure that your TP link extender is connected to your home router.
  • Ensure that you have used a well-maintained Ethernet cable to connect your TP Link extender and router.
  • Just in case, you have connected your TP link extender and router in a wireless manner, ensure that you are not connected to some other or neighboring WiFi
  • If nothing worked for you, contact your internet service provider and ask him to fix the slow internet issue for you as soon as possible.

Reason 3

Another most annoying reason why the firmware of your WiFi range extender failed might be because of an incorrect web address. Bear in mind – if you are unable to log in to the extender using  web address, then chances are – you are using an incorrect web address or there are typing errors in it. So, to fix the issue, make sure that you are entering the correct web address into the browser’s URL bar.

Once you’re done, try to update the firmware of your TP Link AC1200 WiFi range extender again.

Reason 4

There are chances that your WiFi range extender has become overheated and due to this, it is giving you a firmware update failed issue. So, all you have to do is to – turn off your TP Link extender, wait for a short while, and turn on the extender back again. But, make sure to disconnect all the devices that are currently connected to your extender’s WiFi.

Apart from this, we suggest you place your TP Link extender on a higher, center-most, and ventilated area in your home. Also, keep this in mind – if your extender’s WiFi signals are getting interrupted by neighboring networks, then also you may get firmware update failed issue. So, locate your TP link extender away from windows and the reach of public WiFi networks.

Reason 5

Still, getting firmware update failed issue? If so, then chances are that the hardware of your TP link extender is damaged. So, to get the issue fixed, get the hardware of your extender fixed (in case of damage). Moreover, ensure that you have completed the TPLink AC1200 setup process in a successful manner.

If you don’t know how to configure TP link extender, then all you need to do is log in to the AC1200 setup page using  web address and follow the on-screen prompts in the exact given order.

Just in case, you fail to configure your TP link extender,  check the extender manual for help.

In a Nutshell

Our guide on how to fix TP Link AC1200 extender firmware update failed issue ends here. However, if you still have something to ask, without hesitation – drop us a line in the comments section.

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