Skills Your Children Can Now Learn Digitally

Top Skills Your Children Can Now Learn Digitally

What skills can your children now learn from the internet? Whether you know it or not, the skills that kids are learning in school today are different than they were just 10 years ago. Nowadays, kids have access to digital skills such as coding and programming thanks to a wide variety of online resources. In this article, we’ll explore some skills that your child can now learn digitally, and what steps you need to take for them to obtain these skills.

They can learn how to make a digital video

Kids can now easily make digital videos with a variety of free or low-cost tools that are available online. Some kids make fun videos for their families, while others use video editing as part of school projects.

They can learn to draw portraits

Drawing develops creativity and helps to freely express thoughts, ideas, and feelings. Drawing also helps with children’s development of fine motor skills as they learn to control their finger grip and movement to the ideas they are expressing.

With Procreate children can draw portraits of their parents, pets, friends. In Procreate Portrait Academy everyone can study the basics of tracking and other tricks about portrait drawing.

They acquire these skills by browsing or searching for tutorials online and then following the steps that are shown in video form. On YouTube, kids can find a variety of tutorial channels dedicated to kids, like “Kids TV”, while on Animoto – kids can make videos by uploading their own photos or choosing from those already on the Animoto website.

The next step is picking out music and adding captions so they create an original digital movie to share with friends and family. It’s also possible for kids to use these tools as part of school projects where they need footage or animations for presentations.

They can learn creative writing

Creative writing is becoming popular for kids of all ages. There are many apps that help kids with creative writing so they can publish their own stories on the internet for anyone to read! Such apps allow kids to create animated books or comic strips in a few simple steps.

Kids are able to choose from different templates and backgrounds before creating characters and adding text, dialogue bubbles (or thought bubbles), and illustrations.

Once they’re done drawing their story, they just need to add some narration details like where it takes place, who’s in it, what happens at the beginning and end––and voila! Kids got themselves an online children’s book that their peers around the world will enjoy reading!

Furthermore, there are a lot of courses that are designed for kids. Some of them deal with writing and if you check this Creative Writing Course you can find out more about what your child can learn from it. The creative writing courses usually deal with the basics of the structure of writing, developing characters, etc. Contrary to popular opinion, this is something a lot of kids are interested in nowadays!

They can create an animated GIF

GIFs are a great way to introduce kids to the basics of animation and video editing, as they can create animations using their own photos or combining existing videos together. Plus with so many programs available online it’s easy for kids to make animated GIFs from scratch!

The first step is finding a video clip that you want the GIF of. You will need a free or paid app on your computers, such as Gifmaker, or AnimatorPro in order to convert it into an animated gif file and then add text if desired. After that,  kids can mess around with the frames, colors, and effects to create their desired animated GIF.

Kids who have phones or tablets may want to check out Giphy Cam for iOS devices in order to make quick videos that they can turn into looping gifs! With this app, kids will be able to choose from one of five different background patterns, record a 15-second video clip, and then add stickers on top of it before exporting the file as an animated GIF. When kids share their creations online (whether through messaging apps like WhatsApp or Messenger) friends will be able to view them over and over again without having any lag between each frame.

They can use Google Earth to explore the world from above

Exploring the world from above can open kids up to new places they may never have heard of. They can find out about interesting landmarks, geographic features, and natural wonders on any continent, country, or city. They can also see how the earth changes from day to night as they explore international time zones and different light conditions.

The kids who learn about our world in this way are more connected than ever before with what’s going on outside their front door but yet also feel a sense of awe at what it must be like to live somewhere else around the globe! It’s no wonder that kids love using Google Earth for their school projects!

One of the best ways kids can explore our world is by using Google Earth to find out about how other kids live- what they do, where they go to school, and why things work differently in a new place. The Internet offers kids an amazing opportunity for self-directed learning with limitless possibilities!

They can learn a language

Learning a new language in today’s world is very valuable! We want to make sure kids are adapting to the times and have these digital skills. That’s why it is so important for kids to learn a language from apps like Duolingo, Rosetta Stone, or Babbel. This is a great way to learn new skills without having to be in the classroom.

  • Duolingo is free and kids can learn one of the following: Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese (Brazilian), German, Irish Gaelic (Gaeilge), Dutch
  • Rosetta Stone costs $149 for a year’s subscription and kids can learn any language they want to from Latin to Japanese. The company offers over 30 languages in total! They have a variety of packages for kids as well like their starter pack which starts at just $20/year – perfect for someone wanting to try out different languages
  • Babbel is another great app with 14 languages available. It also has features like personalized learning paths so kids always know what skills are coming up next.

The skills that children can learn digitally are limitless. It is important to show them the endless opportunities and they will find their way. I hope you found this blog informative, and if so feel free to share it with your friends or family members who might be interested in learning more about how kids explore different subjects through digital means! Thank you for reading.

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