Redefine the Fashion: 10 Simple Styling Hacks for Plus-Size Women

There is always something for everyone in the fashion industry. Yet, plus-size women often struggle to find clothes that fit. As stated by PLUS Model magazine, “Plus size dresses are sizes 18 and over”, which is a large size globally. If you go back in time, many high-street stores used to sell clothing in sizes 14-16, which was indeed a concern. It not only affected a sizeable percentage of their clientele, but plus-size women had a hard time finding clothes that suit their body type. Emma Zack, the founder of “Berriez,” a Brooklyn-based plus-size, vintage company. She says that “Mid-century plus-size clothing remains elusive, as only a few firms produced extended sizes before  the 1980s.”However, I know some places offer it. You have to search a little harder,”Zack explains. “There isn’t a good reason stores wouldn’t stock at least a couple of expanded sizes.”

Now, beautiful and trendy plus-size dresses are more accessible than ever before. However, many people continue to make mistakes that draw attention to their flaws. Note down some simple styling hacks that will help you outshine your fear.

  1. Wear Confidence

The most important aspect of looking beautiful is to be comfortable in your skin. Stop worrying about your weight and start loving yourself. Carry the perfect attitude with complete confidence, together with appealing outfits. Feel certain, and the rest will fall into place.

  1. Get Your Ideal Size

Take your proper measurements, or get someone to do it for you. It’s crucial to look your best by wearing well-fitting clothing. Few women attempt to dress in a size smaller than their actual size. For that, a big NO! Don’t go for the smallest size. You’d look gorgeous in an outfit that fits you perfectly. If you’re buying online, take a quick look at the size chart before placing your order for plus size dresses

  1. Opt for Darker Shades

Dressing a plus-size woman may be a real challenge at times. But when paired correctly with colors, it can help you appear leaner and impressive.For using colors to make you look slimmer, dark-colored clothing can do the effect. For example, wear dark jeans and pants instead of khakis, white pants. Choose deep purples, intense blues, and dark greens over yellows or peaches.

  1. Wear More Crop Tops

You can take eyes away from your belly pooch! A crop top with a jacket is all you need to get going. Crop tops look great on plus-size women because they highlight their attractive, voluptuous shapes. They can rapidly boost your self-confidence as they let you flaunt without a perfectly flat stomach. So don’t forget to pair it with a stylish high-waist pencil skirt!

  1. Use Stretchable Fabrics

Some fabrics are best for plus-size dresses, including stretch. Stretch fabrics like spandex will help balance the overall look by detracting attention from the upper body. But if you’re a fan of cotton, linen, or even viscose, opt for these as they will all drape well. You can select any fabric that allows for flexibility and ensures a long-lasting fit.

  1. Pick Small Prints

Large designs, such as big polka dots on a shirt, can kill a style. Therefore, avoid huge prints since they might split the body in unexpected ways. Opt for prints and patterns that not only elevate an outfit but complement your appearance by balancing proportions or creating subtle distractions. Go for horizontal stripes and modest designs with confidence.

  1. Highlight Your Best Feature

Some of the most noticeable features on the body are the eyes, the legs, the decolletage, and the curvy waistline. Decide on your best asset and make it the focal point of your personality. Work on your potential physical feature, knowing that your asset will get highlighted and your body’s imperfection will get downplayed.

  1. Choose the Right Skirt

A-lined and high-waist skirts are usually the best choices for plus-sized women. They create the illusion of a slim body by pushing over your curves in the right direction. Knee-length skirts are a popular choice for plus-size women. Besides this, you will find plenty of benefits that come with wearing high waist skirts.

  1. Carry the Right Handbag

Hide your tummy bulge with a fabulous bag! Certain bags can make you look fat or slim. Depending on the bag’s style and size, it can alter your body’s shape. Don’t believe us? Learn about slimming fashion tricks and how they can help anyone conceal fat areas by dressing well.

  1. Wear Lots of Bracelets

Plus size ladies might want to divert attention by stacking many bracelets at a time. Doing so will make you accessorized and draw much attention to your wrist. The idea is to make your wrist cluttered so that people notice it more than your flaws. Try wearing different bracelets of different widths to create a sense of balance.

  1. Embrace your Body

While this article is all about making you feel better with a handful of styling hacks for plus-size women, don’t even feel shameful about your curves for a second. Avoid using shapewear. Rather hide your curves with beautiful clothing and accessories. Be a more body-positive woman and encourage yourself with different dresses, colors, and sizes.

Final Words

Shopping comfortably, sliding into small prints, putting on the right skirt, and flaunting your most attractive feature are possible ways to avoid a big fat shame.

But at the end of the day, wear what makes you confident. There’s no use in wearing something if it doesn’t make you feel good about yourself. Comfort is more important than vogue. There are many amazing plus-size women out there who have been rocking their style with the right dressing. Dressing-up is essential, fun, but personally, body gratitude can make much difference. When your body is not at its best, create your reason for relaxing your body and mind. No matter what, take pride in your body as you’re the first one to put your body or yourself down.

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