reset your WordPress site

How to reset your WordPress site

Although WordPress made it easy for many non-devs to enter the world of web design, the modern website requires higher control, faster recovery, and site data management. That means that in most cases we end up looking for a  plugin once we desperately need certain features.

WP Reset is one of those plugins we wish we heard about earlier exactly because of that. If you ever broke the web down so hard that you can’t get to your admin board then from now on let WP Reset be your superhero. If your screen has gone white and you think there is nothing you can do – you are wrong. Just go to the recovery tool. A white screen will no longer be one of your fears.

Wise people use WP Reset daily to control and maintain a website easily with available features. With this plugin users don’t worry much about keeping it all safe simply because the plugin will do that for them. First of all “One-Click Undo” known as “Your own time machine” is a very popular one because it allows you to go back to the day in time everything worked perfectly in just one single click. Forget about the stress you had when you just clicked something up once and it all crashed. This one allows you to always have a safe backup and quickly accessible restore point.  Not only that. In that  WP Reset lets you enjoy the privileges of the safe zone. The “Automatic Snapshots” feature makes sure a snapshot of working settings is saved before any of the heavy changes on the site take place just so you can have a safe backup point.

Centralized management keeps it all in one place: snapshots, certificates, collections, etc, and you go from there. Cleaning tools are a huge advantage too. Removing data after a failed theme or demo install can be troublesome, but not with WP Reset. Again, it can be done with one click. The good news for those who encountered an inconvenience when shutting it all down the “Nuclear reset” feature of the plugin will make sure not a single kilobyte is hidden somewhere.  Another thing that you are just one click away from is an installment of all the plugins you need after the reset. Creating a collection of your “must-have” plugins will let you get all of them in just one click upon the reset, or you can install them on a new web created from scratch.

Any web developer wants as much control as possible over the website and the data it contains in an easy, safe, and efficient manner. WP Reset, with all the features available, is a great choice for those who want to make sure that there is always a restore point.  If you want a plugin that just handles the business without you reminding it, and that you need no prior instructions, then WP Reset is a top solution.

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