Helambu trek

Helambu trek, a short and easy trekking in Nepal

Helambu trek is a very pleasant and easy short trek in Nepal. Helambu trek is very unique kind of trek with the elevation ranging from 800 to 3600 meters from the sea level. The cultural and ethnic beauty is the main attraction of Helambu. Along with this, there are different Tibetan Buddhist Monasteries and many small shrines and stupas on the trail to Helambu. Mostly people from Sherpa and Tamang cultures live in Helambu sharing their culture and livelihood Helambu trek is one of the underrated treks near Kathmandu valley. This trek is perfect for people who want to avoid the crowd.

The natural beauty of this place is exhilarating. During this trek, you will be crossing Ridgelines and dense forest. If you trek Helambu during the spring season the trail will be filled with blooming flowers and chirping birds. This trek also provides you with the amazing scenery of the hills and a peaceful environment. Helambu lies on the 72 km northeast side of Kathmandu valley.

To get to Helambu from Kathmandu. Firstly you will have to take a drive from Kathmandu to Sundarijal which takes about an hour. After that, you will have to trek to Chisopani via Shivapuri. From here following the ridgeline you will reach an amazing village called Kutumsang. Kutumsang is a beautiful village untouched by modern culture. Then, from here you will have to trek to Tharepati, enjoying the scenic beauty of Rhododendron and bamboo forest. Tharepati is the highest point of the Helambu trek.

After that from there, you will have to trek further following the Melamchi Khola. There is a small village nearby which is called Melamchi Gaon. You can visit the monastery in this village which reflects the local culture. During this trek, you can get some mesmerizing Mountain views. Melamchi Khola is a huge river that provides water to the entire Kathmandu valley. You can roam around the village and observe the local lifestyle of the people living there. Melamchi is the endpoint of this trek, from here you can drive back to Kathmandu.

Is the Helambu trek difficult?

Helambu trek seems difficult and hard to trek from outside but it is not tough as it looks. This trek consists of lots of uphill and downhill the trekking path is easier. Most of the treks find this trek enjoyable and exciting as the trail is untroubled. People love this trek as you can enjoy the mountain views without the problem of altitude sickness.

People of all ages can do this trek as there is a gradual elevation change. You can get a terrific view of the snow-capped mountain from the heist point of the trek. Some of the people might have slight body aches due to trekking uphill and downhill but it will all be worth it when you reach the lovely Helambu village.

Accommodation and Meals during Helambu Trek

Helambu trek is not so famous trekking spot for the trekkers but Helambu best trekking place near Kathmandu. This trek is a complete package of peaceful surroundings, unique culture, a simple trail, and a great place for overnight. You can fill the luxurious lodge facility with attached bathrooms, and clean and comfortable rooms.

Accommodation depends on how much you pay, if you are willing to pay more then you can find the best lodge to stay in. people of Helambu are very welcoming and sweet so you will get a homely atmosphere. Fewer people also provide the home stay facility in Helambu. You can talk to the native people and learn about their culture and tradition.

You can try different foods and local cuisine along with the famous Dal Bhat and Tarkari. Most of the hotels in Helambu also provide a simple menu with some regular snacks. Furthermore, the food that is served is very hygienic and healthy which will help to increase your energy for the trek. There are many places where you can find the best food in Helambu Bazar. The price of the food here is also affordable and tasty.

Best time for Helambu Trek

You can trek to Helambu at any time of the year, but you might want to avoid the monsoon season due to the continuous rain. The best time to trek any Helambu is during the spring season. March to May is the perfect time to visit Helambu as the weather is perfectly fine with a clear view of the hills and mountains.

The Spring season is the exciting time of the year, with blooming flowers everywhere. Temperature is also fine during this time for the Helambu trek. Generally, morning treks in the spring season are very pleasant and provide the best view.

What makes Helambu Trek special?

Helambu Trek is the exclusive short trek that lets you witness the remoteness of the village. Helambu is an isolated village where you can observe the typical Nepalese life. People trekking Helambu trek are very less so, you will get the trail all by yourself and enjoy around. The main attraction of the Helambu trek is Hyalmo Tribe. They are a smaller group of people living in the village. In addition to this, you will also get to know more about the culture and tradition of the people in the Helambu region.

Helambu Trek Highlights

  • Enjoy the amazing ride from Kathmandu to Helambu, which compromises of great scenery and landscapes.
  • Vising some famous places around the Kathmandu valley.
  • Tall rhododendron, oaks, magnolia, blue pines, and tree lines are truly refreshing.
  • You can observe the culture of the village and learn more about the Buddhism religion closely.
  • The Jugal Himal range views on the trail will make the trek more exciting and enjoyable.

Fitness and experience required for this trek

Although the Helambu trek is an easy short trek, every trekking requires a bit of physical strength. You can complete this trek within 3 to 4 days with about 5 hours of trekking every day. You do not need any special experience or training for this trek. However, some physical jogging with some stairs and ups and downs will be helpful for this trek. Swimming can also be advantageous for the Helambu trek.

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