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What is Meebhoomi AP? What is Purpose of it in Andhra Pradesh?

Meebhoomi is a project by the government of Andhra Pradesh to digitise all land records and make them publicly available to the general public. The Meebhoomi AP site’s creation was in partnership with the Department of Revenue to offer public data on land plots. Using Meebhoomi, you may receive an encumbrance certificate and land records via the portal, enhancing speed and transparency. In addition, anyone in Andhra Pradesh may access official land records via the Meebhoomi portal. Andhra Pradesh citizens have relied on MeeBhoomi since its inception in 2015 for hassle-free land record management.

Meebhoomi portal’s benefits include the following:

  • Online access to AP land records is possible via the Meebhoomi portal.
  • The Meebhoomi Field Management Book (FMB) and village maps may be seen on the Meebhoomi website.
  • On the Meebhoomi Andhra Pradesh site, residents may file complaints concerning their property in Adangal 1b.
  • The office bearers of Meebhoomi AP are kept up to date on the progress of every step of any process by receiving text messages on their phones.
  • Meebhoomi aids in the creation of encumbrance certificates and the preservation of land records in a transparent manner.
  • Office Bearers and pattadars get an update on the status and progress of a procedure on the Meebhoomi 1b portal through the SMS service provided by Meebhoomi.

Purpose of Meebhoomi in Andhra Pradesh

The Meebhoomi online portal now provides the following information to users:

  • The range of the survey is taken into account.
  • Patta names
  • Landowner information
  • Area evaluation
  • Source of water, type of soil
  • Nature of land ownership
  • Financial obligations related to the plot
  • Tenancy
  • Crop specifics
  • Aadhaar card and land ownership integration
  • List of local landlords
  • Statistics from the Meebhoomi passbook
  • Details about land conversion
  • Meebhoomi Adangal records for individuals and villages
  • From the Meebhoomi AP site, landowners may obtain land data and the Record of Rights (ROR). These are referred to as Adangal 1b.

Meebhoomi Andhra Pradesh Services

The Meebhoomi portal features provide the general public and landowners with many beneficial services linked to land:

  • Download Adangal.
  • Obtain 1-b (Record of Right).
  • View the Aadhaar and land records linkage.
  • Look at village maps.
  • View the digital passbook.
  • View information on land conversion.
  • Check out the field measurement book.
  • View information about court cases and revenue cases.

What exactly is Adangal?

An Adangal is a title to land granted by the tahsildar and kept up to date by the local officials. When buying or selling land, the Adangal helps verify the specifics of the property. The following information about the land is available in an AP Meebhoomi Adangal:

  • Owner of the property by name.
  • The total area of land.
  • The Khata number.
  • Information about land revenue.
  • Hissa and the land’s survey number.
  • Resources for land cultivation.
  • Nature of the land’s possession.
  • Crops being cultivated on the land.
  • Categorization of soil.
  • Sources of water.
  • Owners’ liabilities to the land.

How can I download an Adangal?

To access, complete these steps:

Step 1: Visit the Meebhoomi website.

Step 2: Click ‘Adangal’ from the menu.

Step 3: Choose between Personal and Village Adangal.

Step 4: You’ll be routed to a new page to fill out land information (Such as District name, Village name, Zone name and survey No.)

Step 5: To access Adangal, also known as Meebhoomi Pahani AP, enter the Captcha code and click “Submit.”

What is a “Record of Rights” (1-b)?

The ownership information for the property or land is available in the Record of Rights (1-b) document. Each village’s Tahsildar office has a separate copy of the 1-b document on file. It helps to check the seller’s details, apply for bank loans, and participate in legal procedures. In addition, it includes the following information:

  • The land’s Khata number and survey number.
  • The Khatedar’s name.
  • The name of Khatedar’s father.
  • Khatedar’s land holdings’ size.
  • Land classification.
  • Information about land revenue.

How can I download a land’s 1-B Record?

To access1-B record from Meebhoomi Andhra Pradesh, complete these steps:

Step 1: Visit the Meebhoomi website.

Step 2: Click 1-B from the menu.

Step 3: Select 1B from the drop-down menu.

Step 4: You’ll be routed to a new page to fill out land information

Step 5: Enter the Captcha code and click ‘Submit’ to access your 1-B Record.

Meebhoomi Aadhaar Linking

Step 1: Visit the MeeBhoomi website.

Step 2: Under ‘Aadhar/Other Identities’ is ‘Aadhar Linking’, which must be clicked.

Step 3: Enter your Aadhar number, zone, account number, district, and village. Enter the code in the box.

Step 4: Press the ‘Click’ button.

Step 5: Next, learn whether or not your Aadhaar is connected.

How to get a digital passbook in Meebhoomi Andhra Pradesh

Step 1: Visit the MeeBhoomi website.

Step 2: Click ‘Electronic passbook’ from the options.

Step 3: Enter district, zone, and village.

Step 4: Then, enter your mobile phone number. Press ‘Click’ once you’ve entered the code.

What is the Field Measurement Book (FMB) of Meebhoomi?

Meebhoomi AP FMB is a district-level collection of maps used to record land availability, borders, and parcel size. These may be obtained online through the Meebhoomi website, which details such information.

How to Check Land Conversion Details on MeeBhoomi

Step 1: Visit the MeeBhoomi website.

Step 2: Click ‘Land conversion details.’

Step 3: Enter district, zone, and village.

Step 4: Give your survey number.

Step 5: Click ‘Submit’

How to find revenue and court cases?

Landowners and new purchasers may search court or revenue cases on the Meebhoomi Portal. The steps are as follows:

Step 1: Click ‘Details of Court Disputes/Revenue Disputes’ on Meebhoomi.

Step 2: Find your property’s district.

Step 3: Download the PDF to see whether your property is listed.

To summarise, the Meebhoomi portal is the official website of the state government of Andhra Pradesh. On this website, users may access digitised copies of land records and Meebhoomi AP maps of local villages. The Mee Bhoomi portal’s primary objective is to make it simple for residents of Andhra Pradesh to access the digital versions of the state’s land records.

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