Review: The Best Motorcycle Jacks

Every motorcycle owner will inevitably reach a point where they will need to use a motorcycle jack for one reason or the other. Just like any jack-lift, these are devices that are used to stabilize and lift the motorcycle for changing tires and other inspection and repair tasks that may be easier when the bike is lifted off the floor or stabilized.

A Note On Safety

Before we get into the reviews, we feel it is worth mentioning that you should learn how to use a motorcycle jack properly before attempting to use it on your own. Any mistake while attempting to lift the bike off the ground could cause it to come crashing down, and possibly cause serious injury to you or anyone else. Even if a motorcycle is smaller in size when compared to a car – there is still a great amount of weight that can cause serious injury. 

Our Favorite: OTC 1545

From a company well known for producing high quality lifts for cars and bike alike, we’re not surprised the 1545 model is such a great option. The heavy-duty steel contraption can withstand up to 1500 pounds, making it a safe option for almost all motorbikes. It’s perfect for low-riding bikes because the minimum height is 3.5” – making it very versatile. 

Of course, it has a built-in locking system and it is also very easy to use. A foot pedal is used for lowering, and the entire system is on wheels – giving you the mobility needed to move around freely.

A Close Runner Up: Stark 65124

This is an option for the average rider, because it is a low-cost centre-lift scissor jack with a wide lift range. Able to withstand up to 1100 pounds, it can handle most medium to medium large sized bikes easily. 

Its most useful feature is the crank handle that helps reduce the energy required to manually lift the bike (when compared to a standard pump system). This model might not be suitable for serious mechanics or people who would be using it a lot, but it is a perfect fit for single bike owners which may not use the lift very often. It is a compact and simple design that can be ideal for beginners and DIYers. 

Scissor Or Hydraulic Jack – How To Choose

In reality, there is no real comparison between the two types of motorcycle jacks. While scissor jacks are more affordable, hydraulic jacks make the job of lifting significantly easier. However, the choice really comes down to your needs and preferences. Hydraulic jacks are more common among people who expect to use the jack several times a day – while scissor jacks are the occasional tool for a motorcycle rider that may need it for an oil change or to change a tire. There may be no point in buying an expensive hydraulic jack if it is only going to end up collecting dust in the back of your garage, so don ‘t be tempted for no reason.

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