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Revolutionary Spine Treatment Options at NJ Spine and Wellness

About eighty-five percent of all Americans experience some back pain in their lifetime. This problem is the leading cause of deformity and disability in most young men below forty-five. If you have tried injections, medications, or physical treatments yet you got no relief, you require a lasting solution to get back to your life without back pain suffering. East Brunswick Robotic Spine Surgery health services provide you with revolutionized and optimized patient care that you need. At NJ Spine and Wellness, well-experienced surgeons use this advanced ExcelsiusGPS technology to enhance accuracy.

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Robotic Spine Surgery

It is a state-of-the-art guidance surgical system that assists surgeons in carrying out their operations with less invasive and safer surgeries.  Every spine surgery requires careful precision and plan. The new tech accounts for your unique personal anatomy. It maps your spine in 3D, providing precise and accurate surgical skills and techniques required. The images help in giving a predictable procedure for your individualized treatment plan.


The robotic guidance enables the team to carry out their plan and perform the surgery with accuracy and ease, as illustrated below.

  •         It assists in planning through your anatomy’s 3D images.
  •         It offers predictable and improved robotic surgical guidance.
  •         It helps the surgeon to personalize the approach to relate to your individual needs.
  •         It provides your anatomical visualization in real-time.


The procedure assists people diagnosed with severe spine complications and not responding to injections, physical therapy, or medications. These conditions include:

  1.     Degenerative disc disease.
  2.     Narrowing of the spinal canal.
  3.     Fractures on your vertebrae.
  4.     Degenerative adult deformity.
  5.     Slipped disc.
  6.     Spinal instability.
  7.     Traumatic spine injury.

How it works

The robotic device does not perform the surgery; however, it provides the surgeon with information and images of your anatomy. Before the surgery, the surgical device builds a blueprint in the 3D form analyzed with the patient. The plan guides the rigid robotic arm to particular areas of your spine like a designed pathway. The surgeon follows the routes to place implants accurately with the device. The entire procedure is displayed on the screen for observations.

The whole decision of getting the minimally invasive surgical procedure is customized to individual patients and their symptoms.

Other benefits

Comparatively to traditional spine surgery, robot-assisted spine surgery technology has the following benefits:

  1.     It enhances recovery time since you will be in the operating room and under anesthesia for a short time.
  2.     There will be low peril of complications due to the precision and accuracy of placing hardware at the time of the procedure.
  3.     It improves the preservation rate of surrounding tissues’ health due to the accuracy during the procedure.

At NJ Spine and Wellness, we think and make the procedure work favorably for our spine patients requiring surgery. We take an all-inclusive approach in our treatments by sharing the potential risks and helping you not rely on misconceptions to decide. The risks include difficulties in registration for patients with health complications like obesity, particular deformities, and osteoporosis. Registration means determining whether the robotic spine evaluations are in 3D space needing a CT scan or x-ray after positioning and synthetization.

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