Sepulcher of the First Ones – a new raid dungeon World of Warcraft

In patch 9.2 Eternity’s End developers have added a new location Zereth Mortis, where did the villain The jailer. He seeks to acquire the ancient knowledge hidden in the Sepulcher of the First Ones, and with their help destroy the foundations of the universe. Players will have to go to a new raid dungeon, stop the minions and the main antagonist of the Shadowlands. As a reward, you will receive several set sets, vehicles for movement, weapons and accessories with unique properties.

Players eager to get top gear and rare mounts to add to their collection will not stop trying to take down bosses on all difficulty levels. But time passes, and the addition will come to an end. Along with this, all unique titles, mounts and achievements will become more difficult to obtain. To prevent this, we suggest taking advantage boosting, when an experienced group of 20 people will kill bosses with you.

Dungeon Bosses

In Sepulcher of the First Ones 11 bosses available. The last three drop loot 7 points higher than the rest. You can go through the dungeon with your own guild or join the search system difficulty, LFR selection is automatic; for this, the character’s equipment level must be at least 220.

Among the bosses, Sepulcher of the First Ones boost has both new characters and old ones that have already appeared in the Shadowlands. After defeating an opponent, each player has a chance to receive random loot. A raid of 20 people drops 3-4 items. Raiders can transfer the reward between themselves if they already have an item of a higher level.

All raid dungeon bosses:

  • Vigilant guardian;
  • Skolex;
  • Artificer Xy’mox;
  • Halondrus;
  • Dausegne;
  • prototype pantheon;
  • Lihuvim;
  • Anduin Wrynn;
  • Lords of Dread;
  • Rygelon;
  • The Jailer.

There are three mounts among the loot, tokens set sets, weapons with unique models, accessories and more than three dozen achievements. SOTFO location is in the new Zereth Mortis, where you can get after passing the story chapter. As soon as you make quest on one of the characters, alternative spells will be able to skip and immediately get into the location.

Rare Raid Loot

The most anticipated return in patch 9.2 will be set sets. When receiving two and four tokens, your class receives additional bonuses from specialization. In addition, these items will replenish the transmog interesting images get token are three ways

  • knock it out of the raid boss as loot;
  • create on the workbench of the forge of the Eternals;
  • pick up in the chest of the Great Vault at the end of the week.

Set pieces can be crafted at the Eternal Forge. To do this, you need to insert any item into it and add a new game currency Cosmic Flux, which is mined in the location Zereth Mortis.old item is converted to a set item, adding a bonus and replacing secondary stats with raid ones.

quickly collect all five pieces of the set set using the boosting of experienced raiders. Take as traders 6-8 people of a certain class who will be able to transfer their booty. As experience shows, one raid is enough for you to knock out all five items at the end and you get the maximum bonus from the set.


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