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Seven Reasons Why Desklab Is the Top Portable Monitor

The portable monitor market is booming. With so many new additions over the past year, choosing the best model is becoming harder. However, a new product called Desklab certainly looks promising. It’s packed with the latest specs any gamer or designer would want, including Ultra-HD 4K resolution, lightweight design, universal compatibility, and much more.

This entry will provide seven reasons why DLab is arguably the best portable monitor on the market.

Let’s dive right in.

1.       Available in Ultra-HD 4K Resolution

Ultra-HD 4K Resolution

Desklab is sold in two versions: Ultra-HD 4K and Full-HD 1080p. They both come in an IPS panel with LED backlighting. For those not familiar with the term, in-plane switching (IPS) means more advanced response time, wider viewing angles, excellent color contrast, and better color accuracy compared to standard LCD technology.

Here’s an overview of the DLab monitor screen specs:

  • Response time: 20ms
  • Viewing angle: 178°
  • Panel size: 15.6 inches
  • Color range: 16.7 million
  • Contrast ratio: 1200:1

The DLab display can tackle the most challenging tasks in graphic design, editing, and gaming.

2.       Universal Compatibility

Universal Compatibility

The Desklab monitor can be used with virtually any device: Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iPhone, Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo, etc. It’s a universal monitor that operates with all systems, and it doesn’t require any adapters or converters to do so.

The device is equipped with USB-c, micro-USB, HDMI ports as well as a 3.5mm audio jack. All it takes to start streaming content is a single cable.

3.       Easy Setup

Easy Setup

Setting up DLmonitor is a breeze. Users will be relieved to know there’s no need for driver installations on their device or the monitor itself. All it takes to connect the monitor to another device is to plug them into each other. For example, it’s possible to connect an Android device to the DLab using the USB cable that comes with the smartphone.

DLab runs on Plug and Play technology, meaning it starts streaming content as soon as it’s plugged in. Transforming a six-inch phone into a 15-inch workstation has never been easier!

4.       Ultra-Lightweight Minimalist Design

Ultra-Lightweight Minimalist Design

This 4K touch screen monitor is also super light. It weighs only a pound and a half and is 0.14 inches wide. Designed with minimalism in mind, DLab has all the perks of a laptop packed into a laptop accessory. The beautiful 15-inch panel can fit just about any backpack and accompany users to work, business trips, or the beach.

5.       All-in-One Device

All-in-One Device

Besides being an excellent streaming resource for Ultra-HD 4K content, it also covers the sound experience. Packed with two built-in Hi-Fi speakers, there’s no need for attaching a stereo to play games or watch movies.

The monitor also serves as a portable charger. All it takes is to plug a smartphone into the monitor, and it will charge in no time. The smartphone owners who keep leaving chargers at home can relax, knowing they have an extra power source for their devices.

6.       Universal Use

Universal Use

When it comes to using a DLab monitor, there’s no limit to what this device can do. It’s been praised as the best monitor for designers thanks to its fast response rate, ultra-responsive touchscreen, and high contrast ratio.

Gamers love it because they can finally immerse themselves in an unparalleled 4K gaming experience. Plus, smartphone gaming enthusiasts can take their small screen games to a 15-inch viewing space with more room for precision.

Programmers, business people, and remote workers can benefit from an extra screen to speed up their task delivery using DLab in dual-monitor setups.

Millions of people have recently been forced to adapt their homes into working environments. Kitchen tables have replaced office desks, and living rooms are the new breakrooms. Thanks to this portable monitor, workers can set up their office anywhere, whether it’s the dining room, beach, or by the pool. Plus, it’s easier to move between working stations with a lightweight monitor in your bag.

7.       Safe for the Eyes

Safe for the Eyes

DLab is not only helpful in terms of productivity and mobility. It also helps protect the eyes. Thanks to the anti-flicker, anti-glare, and low blue light filters, it can be used under any lighting condition without damaging your vision.

Is DLab the Best Portable Touch Screen Monitor?

Is DLab the Best Portable Touch Screen Monitor

We’ve shared the top seven reasons why DLab is considered the best portable monitor out there. It has the top display specs, universal compatibility, straightforward setup, lightweight design, and it’s a highly versatile device.

If you want to learn more about this powerful monitor, you can check out the official website –

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