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Why Tall Radiators are so Popular

Tall radiators are one of the modern radiators that are still the talk of the town. This is not in vain or to hype it up for nothing. The radiator comes with a lot of benefits. There are also multiple designs that you can choose to fit your design and taste.

Just like the name suggests, tall radiators, also called vertical radiators, are one of the best choices to give your home a completely different look, add to the decors and appearance of your home, and of course, serve their purpose; keep your home warm and cozy.

It is the perfect way to modernize your home and give you a fresh look and feel. If you are tired of your old, traditional radiators, or you just want to enhance your style, then you might as well check out why tall radiators are your best option below;

They are Efficient

Most people buy radiators because they need radiators for their purpose; providing heat to the home, and not for decoration or anything else. At least that is the primary reason. So one of the most important things to consider when buying a radiator is efficiency.

Tall radiators provide just that. They keep your home warm and cozy as long as they are running and are in good condition. Of course, the amount of heat and warmth provided will depend on the size and depth of the radiator.

Takes up Less Wall Space

One of the major concerns when choosing a radiator is the space. But with the many options available, that should not be a worry anymore. Tall radiators are designed to fit into just about any wall space. Or rather, at least they don’t take up much wall space compared to their horizontal counterparts.

Just like the name suggests, they stand tall and thin, which means they don’t take up much surface area. This is great because it leaves space for you to put much more items or decoration pieces on the wall space.

A wider radiator that cuts across the wall from corner to corner is not suitable if you also want to hang your favorite album or other pieces of art.

They fit in Just about any Room

Another consideration you always make while purchasing a new radiator is the room it is going to be placed in. Because of its nature and design, it is easy to install tall radiators in just about any room.

For example, your kitchen may be too full or not have any wall space because the cabinets take up most of the space in the kitchen, plus the multiple appliances and utilities. This makes a radiator the last thing you even think about adding in the kitchen.

For the same reasons, the bathroom is also a pretty congested room. And just like in the kitchen, the temperature also fluctuates fast. In these cases, a radiator that takes up small spaces like a tall radiator is more convenient.


More than just providing heat in the room, vertical radiators come in different shapes and colors. Choosing a bright color would do great in grabbing the attention of your guests and distract them.

This, combined with their tall height is also great, and can especially work as a room divider, that is, if you are looking to divide up sections in an open room. It also allows you to experiment with art in interior design, both in functionality and as a piece of decoration.

Hard to be Blocked by Furniture

Because of its height, tall radiators are hard to be blocked by coaches or sofas in the living room. Unlike other radiators, which are even hard to notice, they are eye-catching and almost always the first thing that catches the attention of a guest when they enter the room.

Choose Your Style

Aesthetics is probably one of your major concerns with radiators. Besides keeping your home warm, you also want something that will enhance the look of your home, add as décor and a statement piece in your living room.

Well, the good news is that tall radiators offer just that. With the advancement in technology, you can get just about any kind you want; in design, finish, colors, and style. All you have to do is unleash your interior designer skills and choose the one that most fits your home style.

The fact that you can also have it custom designed and tailored to your very specific needs just makes it even better.

A Great Option for Period Properties

Tall radiators are a great option especially if you will not be staying in a property for too long. Unlike the traditional conventional radiators, which are heavy and take a lot to install and mount, vertical radiators are lighter and easier to handle.

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