Shed Off Excess Fat and Spot a Sleek Physique with Tummy Tuck

Shed Off Excess Fat and Spot a Sleek Physique with Tummy Tuck

Have you ever pictured yourself in a bikini, wearing a business suit, or fitting in a cocktail dress but feel disappointed because of your burgeoning pot-belly? The tummy tuck doctors at Cleveland Plastic Surgery Institute can help. A tummy tuck or abdominoplasty prompts your surgeon to tighten your abdominal wall muscles, resulting in a toned and flat physique you can be proud to flaunt. Though your doctor may perform the procedure as a stand-alone treatment, the professional can also combine the procedure with other contouring treatments like liposuction to achieve optimal results.

Benefits of a tummy tuck

Though a tummy tuck offers you several aesthetic results, your surgeon may recommend the procedure for medical purposes, primarily when the health provider uses it to correct an underlying condition. Therefore, you may undergo the procedure to correct medical conditions like:

  •         Back pain– after shading off excess weight or after pregnancy, you may experience back pains resulting from your weak stomach muscles. The procedure will help tighten your weak muscles, giving you abdominal support.
  •         Stress urinary incompetence (SUI)- SUI mainly happens when you exert excess pressure on your urethra and bladder, and you are likely to suffer from the condition after a normal delivery. Though conventional treatments may help treat the condition, your doctor may use a tummy tuck to tighten your muscles, easing pressure on your bladder.
  •         Ventral hernia– you will have a ventral hernia when your abdominal tissues or intestines exit from your abdominal wall because of abdominal weakness, creating a pouch. A tummy tuck will thus strengthen your weak abdominal muscles, minimizing your skins’ pressure.

Your health provider may also recommend the procedure to improve your posture, offering your spine much-needed support. Besides the medical benefits, a tummy tuck has other benefits like:

  •         It makes weight maintenance more manageable. Sagging skin is not only lowers your aesthetic appeal. It also makes physical exercises impossible to perform. Apart from cosmetic purposes, your sharp contours will give you the motivation to exercise, helping you keep off your excessive weight.
  •         Boosts your self-confidence. After losing several pounds or giving birth, you tend to desire a happy feeling. Unfortunately, instant weight loss may result in skin laxity. Besides eliminating the several pounds of fat, an abdominoplasty will allow you to feel rejuvenated in your new elastic skin and body weight.

Can you use tummy tuck as a weight loss remedy?

During a tummy tuck treatment, your doctor will only remove a specific body fat amount that is safe for the procedure. As a result, it may not be beneficial as a weight-loss method. Additionally, the process might not improve your cholesterol levels, blood pressure, or any other obesity effects. However, your doctor may agree to perform the procedure if you are a diabetic patient when you meet the following conditions:

  •         Your condition is on the check and may not result in complications
  •         You have no kidney ailments
  •         You go through blood tests to verify your glucose levels.

After a tummy tuck, you can be sure of physical and emotional benefits. You will flaunt a thin waistline and your clothes will drape effortlessly. If you feel that tummy tuck is the suitable treatment to achieve your aesthetic needs, schedule an appointment with your doctor today.


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