Exile 3.20 Curse Manifesto

Significant Stuffs You Should Know in Path of Exile 3.20 Curse Manifesto

Today we’re gonna be going over some important things in the last Manifesto in Path of Exile, this Curse Manifesto is going to be released for 3.20, and it does a lot of different things. Actually I think an overall buff for most builds, so don’t get too scared. Overall this is the last Manifesto as GGG said, and it addresses curses, and tries to make them effective against different Rarity tiers of monsters.

Curses Effectiveness Decrease

Now there is a reduced effectiveness penalty for curses when you fight unique monsters and Pinnacle bosses, that make curses are extremely potent while mapping, but really mediocre while fighting bosses. When you fight unique Monsters, the curses have a 33% reduced Effectiveness, and when you fight Pinnacle bosses you have a 66% reduced effectiveness.

GGG intends to solve the curse issues via this way, so that it curses are weakest when you against the monsters who powerful the most, general speaking, cures are weak against bosses, and the strongest when you mapping.

General mapping is very easy, we don’t really need the full curse effect for to kill white mobs, because they literally instantly die, you do not need too much poe currency for your build. What GGG try to express is that a lot of rare monsters, magic monsters, bosses which have a lot of hidden modifiers, that make them take less damage or they have certain less resist, but for curses it’s really big of an outlier. It has 66 percent less effect overall, what they’re going to do is they’re just going to remove this completely, so it’s going to be consistently effective against all monsters in the game. Before this update, I think there was no less effective curses in POE before, I’m not really entirely sure, but they did change it from 60% or 80% to 33% to 66%, this is a huge buff in terms of using curses for bosses farming.

Doom Mechanic

Next up there is this archaic mechanic, or not really archaic, because it’s relatively new. It’s the Doom mechanic, and Doom was originally designed to make self-casting Hexes more effective. What GGG once expressed is if the Hex was self-cast, the curse will gain Doom over time, which increases the effectiveness of the curses.

Thus the more you get additional curse effectiveness, the longer the curse has been on the mob, this is just GGG tried to incentivize you to not be so lazy. But the problem is Doom caused too much complexity to Hex related mechanics, it was relatively confusing, and a lot of people didn’t really even know what Doom was.

So they’re removing the Doom mechanic completely, but replacing stats referencing Doom with other curse themed stats. For skills like Hex Blast, which is related to Doom. Support Gems like Impending Doom. They’re going to adjust these to make up for the loss of Doom scaling. So overall it should be equal as before and maybe even a slight buff in some cases. This update makes curses are a lot less complicated, because the Doom mechanic not really many people that interacted with it.

Unique Items

Next up we have the curse related unique, GGG is going to buff a whole bunch of Hex related unique items, and also rework unique items that previously interacted with Doom. First one is Heretics Veil, now it’s plus two level of Socketed Curse Gems instead of plus one, this is a buff to the Hex related items. Currently, it would not cost POE 3.20 Orbs/Items a lot, but I think you may have to spend more Currency in the future to get it.

Meanwhile, they’re also making some new curse unique, Anathema Moonstone Ring. This one I think is actually just completely powerful insane, which make your curse limit equal to maximum power charges. If you had a lot of power charges, you can pretty much bypass your curse limit, and you can get up to seven or more curses or something. This unique is absolutely crazy for bossing, now especially without the less curse Effectiveness on bosses. So I do believe that this ring is probably going to be relatively rare maybe, or because I think it’s incredibly powerful for what it actually offers. Thus you better buy poe currency to get it, it must be a meta unique in 3.20 expansion.

Skill Gem

GGG also decided to do some Hex skill gem scaling and curse effect scaling. For instance, Ruby Ring of the Hunt, with 20 increased effects. Some Hexes were much more powerful at level one, that means when players use the curses on hit ring, which uses the level one version and gives you 20% increased effect. That means there’s a disproportionate power level for Vulnerability and Despair, because those curses at level one are much more powerful than other curses at level one, so you have certain Hexes that are just way too powerful.

So what GGG wants to do is they’re probably going to lower the power level of Despair and Vulnerability, and they want to stabilize it, so that all Hexes will be roughly twice as powerful at level 20 than level one. Is it going to have a huge impact on its currency worth? Actually the answer is uncertain without any damage test, but I still suggest you to prepare some currency for this.

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