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Ski Safety In The Snowy Mountains – The 5 Points Of A Good Ski Boot

If you are heading to the Snowy Mountains of Australia, there are a couple of points you should get right. Major ticket items such as your Jindabyne accommodation and insurance should be taken care of by a good travel and tour operator, but some things you need to do yourself! Ski boots from Elevation107 are crucial to good and safe skiing, so let’s have a look at what you should be looking for.

Soft and flexible

Modern skis are designed better than many years ago, and to accompany them as the strong but flexible boot will allow you to maneuver much easier. Subtle foot and ankle steering is a big part of modern skiing technique, and to allow for this, ski boot manufacturers have designed boots that allow flex and still give support and comfort.

Knee Tracking

Stand in the boot, measuring the distance between your knees, and then bending your knees and measuring the distance again. It should be about the same (making sure you keep your heels on the ground). If the distance is changing, it means your feet are not stable inside the boot, and you might want to try another pair or add support to the inside of your foot arch.


While a boot needs to be secure and tight on your feet, there should not be any particular areas that you find extra pressure. You should walk around in the boots and get a feel for them for 15 minutes or more. The start of any minor will mean considerably more pain down the line. You will be wearing them for several years, and a good fitter can adjust to any problems.

Strong locking clips. The last thing you want is your boot busting loose when flying down the mountain. Ensure the locking devices are made of strong materials and will not be subject to wear and damage easily. Look at the mechanism and materials. Better quality will mean a few extra bucks.

Simple good fit

This is why you must try your boots on for a while in the store. Good boots should be comfortable enough that you don’t want to un-buckle them during lunch, and why wearing them and walking around a little will really put them to the test.

My hotel in Thredbo advised on spending some time with a good fitter, and it was certainly worth it. Any good Perisher, Thredbo accommodation, Jindabyne hotel or other local resort should have someone who knows the best fitter to send you to. A good boot can make all the difference to your skiing time, and it is well worth it to spend a little extra money and get the right service from someone who knows and cares for your legs and feet.

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