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Skinned Alive: Ten Tips for Awesome Glowing Skin Starting Now

What should I do to clear up bad skin and get a Skin Glow? What should I do to make my skin look healthier?Do you use moisturizer? Which one? These are just a few of the common questions that I often am asked regarding men’s skin care. To make life more simple for you… To take some of the guesswork out of trying strange methods to get better skin… To save you time doing skin care research… I’ve decided to offer you some of my own easy, simple but effective strategies I’ve discovered over the years that have kept my skin nearly flawless. I’m in my early 40’s and people often comment on how good and healthy my skin looks for my age. If you let me help you by following as many of these strategies as you can, you will see a noticeable improvement in your skin almost instantly. Here are my top ten easy men’s skin optimizing strategies by HerbOrganic


If you happen to be a smoker, this has got to be your first priority, not only for you skin, but for your overall general health. My family has had incidence of smoking-related emphysema and know too well the effects of smoking on the body. Tobacco smoke has over 4,000 harmful chemicals, including: Nicotine:stimulates blood clotting which leads to strokes and heart attacks. Tar: contains at least 50 known carcinogens Carbon Monoxide: reduces the amount of oxygen that the blood can carry, and starves the cells SKIN RELATED: wrinkles: smoking damages collagen/elastin fibers making it less resilient and speeds up the development of cracks and lines impaired circulation: less oxygen, less blood flow, less life. skin cancer: increased risk, as well as greater recurrence after treatment. 


Although studies have shown that moderate consumption of certain types of alcohol is beneficial for heart health, here are some negatives to overconsumption: Alcohol and sodas dehydrate and deplete vital skin nutrients needed to prevent wrinkles and aging There is often a connection between heavy soda/alcohol drinkers and unhealthy diets Alcohol dilates facial blood vessels and develop spider veins 


This may seem fairly obvious, but it can be as easy to forget as brushing your teeth. (Which I don’t advise!) Wash: removes dust/dirt accumulated during the day and stops the oil-glands from getting clogged, swollen and potentially infected Exfoliate: a good scrub removes the top layer of dead skin to reveal the healthier and softer skin cells (Keratinocytes) beneath. DON’T OVER DO IT! If you scrub too much or too hard you can damage your skin. Restore: use a quality face moisturizer after washing/exfoliating to replenish moisture, promote healing and protect/prevent damage due to dry skin. You can take it one step further by using a quality skin serum before you moisturize. It can be good to wash and restore twice a day, but exfoliate only once. I prefer to do all three at night so I don’t sleep with junk on my face all night. 


Shaving is awesome, but can be like clear-cutting a forest for your facial skin. These tips work best for me: Pre-shave: use a hot towel for one minute to open up the pores; use a pre-shave lotion to soften skin and hair Shave: use a fresh, clean and sharp razor. Rinse often. Post-Shave: use a cool/cold towel to close pores and reduce swelling. Finish with a high-quality face moisturizer or after-shave lotion.


 This may be frustrating or annoying to you, but it will pay you back benefits. Like any other product, if you really love it, you will use it more often that a product that is just functional. I’m really into good scents, so I like products that I can’t wait to catch a whiff of. This creates a routine, which is what your skin needs. 


Particularly in hot and dry climates, you need to be using a moisturizer, especially for your face. As you well know, the sun is incredibly harsh, drying and even burning. There are tons of good moisturizers to choose from that also include sunscreen. +15 spf is the bare minimum for sun protection, and I think using a +30 or higher is even better for the long term. TIP: This is a great way to start a conversation in store: ask for help choosing a moisturizer with sunscreen. It’s a great way to break the ice!

 EXERCISE One of my favorite topics:

 most guys like to exercise to some degree, so I’m confident you’ll jump right on this one. Knowing that it’s good for your whole body including your skin is even more reason to train hard! #1 benefit of exercise on the skin: promotes healthy circulation by increasing blood flow, keeping skin cells full of blood. Blood carries water and nutrients in Blood carries waste out Your blood is cleaning your skin from the inside out.

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