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A Guide to Matching Art with Your Interior Style

One element many homeowners pay less attention to when they are designing their homes are the walls. That’s because they focus mainly on picking out the perfect furniture pieces and combining them with the rest of the decor to create harmony.

However, no interior is complete without adding that final touch to the walls which have the most impact on the entire feel of the living space. For that reason, it is important that people make the right choices regarding wall decoration in order to make their home appear finished.

You can also check out some unique art pieces that would surprise any visitor like an anchor wall decor.

The most important thing is to find a piece of art or another wall hanging that best fits with the decorating style you have already chosen for your interior. Not only does it need to match the surroundings, but it should be something that you will love and be happy seeing hung on the walls for the years to come.

So, to help you out, we’ve compiled a list of abstract wall art ideas to match every room of your home.

A stunning canvas print for the living room

The living room is, without a doubt, the most visited place in the house. This is where you host all of your family and friends, so you should opt for stunning wall art to complete the space and make it look polished.

For example, high-quality canvas prints are a very popular choice as they are versatile, elegant and can add that perfect finishing touch to your main area. They are available in many images and designs from abstract to fantasy including a color palette that can flawlessly match your decor.

Homeowners usually hang them above the living room sofa so they will be the first thing people see whenever they walk into the room. In fact, beautiful canvas prints will look great even without a presentation frame.

Wooden wall decors for the kitchen

When it comes to decorating walls, the kitchen space tends to be an afterthought. With all the appliances and supplies that kitchens hold, it is easy to see why homeowners overlook this room in the interior design process. However, there are still unique ways how you can ornament your kitchen walls and add more life to the area.

For example, wooden wall decors can be excellent accent pieces in this part of your home. Anything from old wood cutting boards to wood kitchen sayings can instantly bring a whole new dimension to the space. The “Eat” signs are the most popular ones as they come in many designs and can fit into almost every kitchen interior design style.

A major display case for the dining room

The dining room is another part of the house where you can easily play around with your wall art decorations. While most people opt for symmetrical art pieces to keep things classy and elegant, others want to combine both style and functionality to make their dining room space pretty and practical.

For example, display cases can be the perfect addition as they can instantly elevate the room’s appearance while providing you with storage for all of your crockery and silverware.

Depending on the interior design style you have chosen for your dining space, you can opt either for a glass display case to stay in tune with the minimalistic look or a wooden style to match the industrial elements in the room.

A gallery wall for the bedroom

If you are looking to add a personal touch to your walls, then your bedroom is the best room in your home where you can do that. There are endless wall art decorations you can opt for to add character and style to the space while bringing life to it.

Out of the many options available, an oversized gallery wall seems to be a very popular choice among homeowners as it allows you to hang various wall decals that will truly reflect your personality and tastes.

For example, you can choose a framed photo of you and your loved ones as the centerpiece and surround it with smaller art decorations to create a harmonious unity. Hang them above your bed and make them the focal point in the room.

A stylish wall mirror for the hallway

When it comes to decorating an interior, hallways may be the most overlooked area in every home. Although they aren’t really considered a room, they still shouldn’t be neglected especially since wall art decorations can easily complement the style and aesthetic of the rest of your decor.

If you have a rather narrow entryway or you are limited in space, then wall mirrors are the perfect choice to make the room appear larger than it actually is. Mirrors come in a variety of sizes, shapes and designs that can add visual interest to the entire space.

You can either opt for a star-shaped mirror to place above the console table or a floor-to-ceiling puzzled mirror to elevate the hallway’s overall style.

Vibrant wallpaper for the bathroom

Similar to the hallway, the bathroom is another room in every home where the wall space is often overlooked. Fortunately, there are numerous ways you can add more style and elegance to the room while turning it into the picture-perfect haven that it deserves to be.

For example, wallpapers are a very popular choice especially for smaller size bathrooms where there isn’t much room for hanging large wall decorations. This type of wall art comes in many styles giving you the opportunity to choose the one that will best fit into your decor.

If you are going for a fresh and vibrant look for your bathroom space, you can opt for a patterned wallpaper design to implement above the sink and make it the focal point in the room.

Final thoughts

No matter which room of the house you are designing, wall decorations should never be neglected. They are the ones that make the room feel finished and give a whole new dimension to the entire feel and look of the interior.

However, with so many options available, choosing the right wall art for any room of your home can be difficult. So, to help you in the process, make sure you borrow some of the ideas mentioned here and flawlessly enhance the overall aesthetic of your home.

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