Small changes to make to your home exterior that you would often forget about

Small changes to make to your home exterior that you would often forget about

It is important to utilise the space at the front of your home to make it look less bare and improve the curb appeal. Although many features are easily identifiable when considering what needs to be replaced or repaired on the exterior of your home, there are smaller features that may need to be pointed out to a homeowner that is less identifiable. We will discuss these features below. 

Replace the house numbers 

House numbers are extremely important, especially when you have someone trying to locate or identify your home. If house numbers are made of brass, they have the potential to rust easily, so it is advised when updating your house numbers, to consider the weather conditions around you. Try tile or stainless steel when purchasing your new door numbers and opt for a modern design. Not only does this add a more stylish and contemporary feel to your home exterior, but you can also ensure it will last longer due to the stronger material used.  

Replace your aerial  

A quality aerial can last been 10 to 20 years however, under certain circumstances your TV aerial can become damaged and need either repaired or replaced. If your TV signal is having some issues, do not hesitate to contact a professional to resolve this. After replacing a roof, some would also consider replacing their aerial so that there is not a large contrast in quality between the both. 

Add outdoor furniture  

Creating a small living space at the front of your home will ultimately encourage you to spend more time outdoors, especially when the weather is good. Health experts encourage us to get outside more to allow our body to produce more vitamin D, an outdoor seating area can assist with this. Outdoor furniture can easily be purchased or ordered into local stores and is not always difficult to build. So, why not make your home look more welcoming and invest in some soon? A quick tip: try and buy your garden furniture during Autumn time, this is most likely the time when retailers will reduce their prices just in time for winter approaching. 

Outdoor lighting 

Adding outdoor lighting can provide either your front or back garden with a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere, especially when paired alongside outdoor garden furniture. Lighting can create energy around your home and can be helpful when there are no surrounding lights around your home, which increases safety and security. Add thin LED wall lamps along the sides of your home to create a bright and modern look to your home exterior

Create a small garden 

If you do not have spare time to dedicate towards upkeep to a large garden, why not create a small garden within it to add some greenery to your home. Choose a small section of your front or back garden and decide what you would like to grow. There are a few different types of flowers that don’t require much water meaning that if you are someone with limited time, these would be the best option for you, these include lavender, thistles, and yarrows.   

Add fencing 

Not only does fencing improve your home’s curb appeal, but it is also practical as it increases privacy and security. Although standard fencing can sometimes be seen as old-fashioned, there are several contemporary styles to choose from including slated fence panels that can add a modern-day touch to your home exterior

Replace gutters 

Many would choose to replace their gutter due to mold and rust build-up, however, they can also crack and rot making the home exterior look run down. If your gutter is run down and you require a replacement, it is wise to go ahead with this as the gutter can give way completely. For a more modern look, opt for a copper gutter when getting your gutter replaced, as they can style your home improving its curb appeal.  

Add a walkway 

A new walkway can add value to your home and provide an appealing and welcoming first impression. If you are not willing to spend a large amount on your walkway, there are cheaper alternatives. Why not add grey gravel with white stone along the outskirts to add a simple, modern design to the front of your home. This project can easily be done by the homeowner with the only expenses being the material so it is a win-win situation. 

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