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Small Office Space for Lease: Questions to Ask in Advance

Are you setting up a business in the Austin area? Are you looking for a small office space for lease?

Maybe you’re a new remote employee who has found that working from home just isn’t conducive to your working habits. Or maybe you have a small startup and you need a space that will allow you to collaborate while still working independently.

Here’s what you need to be looking for in a small office space.

The Right Price

It’s no secret that lots of folks are moving to Austin. It’s a thriving area with huge job growth in industries like healthcare and entertainment. In addition, individuals can enjoy no income taxes and housing that’s affordable.

Austin is brimming with lifestyle opportunities that include a thriving foodie culture, plenty of live music, and natural fitness. If you are new to the neighborhood, you’ll find no shortage of things to do and see.

That being said, small office space is in demand. Plenty of people are looking to set up their businesses or working spaces in the neighborhood. Renters can expect to pay anywhere from $37 per square foot and up.

The actual cost of your office space will depend upon a number of factors. These include your space size, type of space, and location within the Austin area. For example, renting space in downtown Austin will probably cost you more than it does in other neighborhoods.

You’ll want, however, to get at least three estimates before you settle on a lease. Make sure that the price you’re paying is reasonable for the type of office you’re looking for in your ideal locale. Some companies, such as, can negotiate a good price for you if negotiating is not your strong suit.

What Is Included In The Rent?

When learning about the cost of different units, make sure you know what will be included. Some may be more expensive but allow you to save on other bills.

For example, will you need to pay utilities separately? What about snow removal? If repairs are needed, who pays for them?

Renter’s insurance is something else you’ll want to consider. While it’s usually a low fee, it will probably be required. You’ll want to find out if you need to purchase it separately.

In some cases, you may be willing to pay more in rent if you won’t need to keep track of all your renting-related bills every month. Make sure you find out everything you’re entitled to once you sign your lease.

What Is The Parking Situation Like? 

It won’t be fun for your or your staff to dread coming to work every day because you’ll be circling for twenty minutes before you find a parking space. Find out if you’ll need to pay extra to reserve parking spaces or if folks will have to pay every day to use the lot. This should be figured into your lease price.

Maybe you have a lot of employees who prefer using mass transportation or biking to work. If so, you’ll want to find out how close the office space is to the subway or bus stop. You can also find out about the bike storage situation and what you’ll need to pay to use it.

What Kind of Lease Terms Do You Have?

Maybe you’re looking to lease for a year to see if you like a particular space, or maybe you’re ready to commit to seven years or more. You may be able to get a deal if you’re willing to agree to stay long-term.

Make sure that the space you’re considering renting has lease terms that work with your plans.

What Is The Office Setup?

Are you looking for individual cubicles, a central meeting space, or both? Do you need a kitchen or a room with a projector?

Not all office spaces are the same, and you’ll want to make sure it’s the ideal situation for your company. Make sure you stipulate all of your non-negotiable requirements before you begin your search.

What Locations Are Available?

Some folks prefer being on the outskirts of town as long as they have a private place to work. They also enjoy the savings in lease price.

Other businesses require a central location that makes it easy to meet with prospective clients and related businesses. It’s important for them to be easy to find.

Make sure you know about the types of buildings that are available in your ideal location, as well as the pricing. In some cases, you may need to adjust your neighborhood to get the exact type of space you need or vice versa.

Is Lease Renewal An Option?

If you’re opting for a shorter lease term, you might want to find out if lease renewal is an option.

Consider the possibility that your landlord could raise the rates on your lease depending upon the market at the end of the year. If you’re worried about this, you may be able to negotiate a renewal arrangement into your lease terms.

You’ll also want to ask about “escalation clauses,” which spell out how much rent may increase over the course of the lease. This should all be in writing before you sign.

Finding A Small Office Space For Lease

The right small office space for lease in the Austin area may not be a cinch to find. With the right homework and the right questions, however, you could be on your way toward a great working situation in no time.

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