Smoking vs Vaping

When giving up smoking cigarettes, nicotine vape juice can be the solution to the problem of cravings. Whilst a lot of vapes do not have any nicotine in, you can now purchase ones that have nicotine in for those weaning off cigarettes.

There are plenty of shops for vaping NZ has to offer, these shops specialise in both normal and nicotine vape juice.

  1. Cravings

When giving up smoking, cravings can be the hardest part. Your body is used to the nicotine from cigarettes which is highly addictive and so is really craving it. Nicotine vape juices can have nicotine in, in different strengths, and so can satisfy the level of cravings that you are having but without all of the harmful chemicals. Whilst you are giving up smoking, vaping can be a great way to replace the habit of smoking with the habit of vaping however you can still receive the gratification from the nicotine but avoid the chemicals in cigarettes. People tend to find it easier to wean off nicotine whilst vaping also as you can have vape juice in the exact same flavour without nicotine so your body doesn’t realise how much it is missing the nicotine as opposed to smoking where the body has no suitable replacement.

  1. Medical Effects

Vapes have all of the joyful and addictive properties of cigarettes except they don’t have the harmful chemicals that cigarettes are laced with. It has been scientifically proven that cigarettes are really bad for the body, they can cause problems with the respiratory and cardiac systems of the body and cause a whole variety of health problems. Smoking can cause lasting damage to the body and can increase the smoker’s likelihood of having serious health problems such as stroke or acute heart attacks. Luckily, by giving up smoking you can reverse some of the negative effects of smoking cigarettes by giving them up for a long period of time.

  1. Savings

Even if you bought the more expensive products for vaping NZ has to offer, you will still be saving a lot more money than if you were to be buying cigarettes. Cigarettes are far more costly than vaping as the costs to maintain both are completely different.

The average cigarette smoker spends a lot more money than a person who vapes as vape juice is far more affordable than tobacco or a pack of cigarettes is. When starting to vape the initial expense is for the actual vape contraption itself, the vape juice is far cheaper than the vape and will last for e very long time each time you purchase it.

  1. Habit

Most smokers admit that the addictive part of smoking is not so much the taste but more of the actual action of moving your hand back and forth as it works as almost a comfort type of habit. By vaping, a person can satisfy this need but still remain healthy as they are not inhaling the harmful chemicals from a cigarette.


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