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Survive and outsmart the Instagram algorithm: 8 ways to connect with your followers

The term ‘algorithm’, as complex or tricky as it may sound, especially for social media bees, can be of great utility, if taken the proper advantage out of it. Instagram constantly updates its algorithm to stay a user-friendly platform.

Although people are beating the algorithm by investing a little money to Buy Instagram Followers and buy Instagram Likes, some want to go on even another level of followers’ milestone.

Let us see how we can manipulate the algorithm to remain connected with our followers.


This feature is the latest addition of Instagram and no doubt it is being given utmost priority by the application due to its exuberant reach and engaging, rather addictive nature. This short-video format can be a great way to not only get appreciation by the existing followers, but also a medium to reach new audiences.

  1. Follow Trends

It doesn’t take much time for a trend to get viral on Instagram reels these days. A viewer, once caught up with a trend, ends up watching at least 30-50 videos in one go because of the shorter time-span and more engagement. A good-content, trendy reel is likely to be shared as well.

  1. Optimise Reel Content

Optimise these reel trends according to your needs. You need not dance like everyone else on particular trendy reel music. You can promote your products on that music, if you are a brand. You can create something comical, if you are a comedian. You can show your latest dress collection, if you are a fashion influencer. The content will be consumed surely. That is the power of reels!!


They may not be the latest of Instagram features, but are quite efficient in keeping your followers updated and provide a great platform to engage with them.

  1. Regularity

By regularity, it is advisable to post stories daily. This does not mean to bombard your viewers with a long streak of stories. This will just make them skip the rest, unless the content is extremely promising. Keep 8-10 stories at max with intervals of an hour or two.

  1. Keep up with QnA

Remember, your followers are not just your fans, but a community who follow you and admire you. Keep such Q&A sessions frequently on your stories. Provide them with clarity of your brand or a sneak peak of your opinions and life choices.

  1. Conduct Polls

Polls of “Yes or No”, “This or That” are a quick way to interact with your followers and get to know their opinions, likes or dislikes, helping you know them better and create more content which they would like to see. It’s neither weary for you to go through, nor tiresome for your viewers.


  1. Captions that capture attention!

Many times, a caption is lauded more than the post itself. To create signature captions,

  • Keep them relevant to the post
  • A witty caption is always welcome
  • Provide your followers with information/details

The caption should be equally, if not more entertaining or informative than the post to let your followers know that they are following smart people!

  1. Connect with Similar Influencers/Brands

It is likely for an Instagram user to follow famous people or brands of their interest. So if, for instance, you are a fashion influencer, connect with other fashion influencers, tag them, challenge them, comment on their posts, befriend them even- to create a friendly, supportive environment, instead of a competitive, hostile one. Moreover, this will increase your visibility to their followers, a win-win situation from all ends!!

  1. Go Live

It is the best way to interact with your followers and make them know that for real and feel comfortable and homely. This method keeps the communication two-way and gives a true picture of both the parties. These live sessions can be a workshop, a Q&A or just an informal meet-up. Look out for the time when the Instagram engagement is high.


There is nothing to be feared of the updations of Instagram algorithms. The target remains the same- Keep the Followers Happy!

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