Technological accessories in Football

Football has changed a lot since the ball was first kicked. Nowadays, the sport has become much more strategic and players are much more prepared for the matches that are about to take place. The goal is to lift the title. However, to achieve this, the rules have had to be modified after some events that went down in history that were unfair to opponents. Who does not remember Maradona’s hand? The punch given to the current coach of Spain Luis Enrique?

Now, technology has been introduced in today’s football world to avoid all these kinds of problems. Below, we are going to talk about technology in today’s football.


Video assistant referee is one of the latest additions that have been made. For some years now, it has been possible to see phantom goals, which have benefited some and harmed others, or penalties that have not been whistled for believing that it was all a performance. Now, this technological assistant is used as a referee’s assistant in plays that may be difficult to see from the pitch. From the VAR room, the referees help to make the game as neutral and clean as possible.

With this technology, the aim is to eliminate the odds that the big teams have to win. For example, bookmakers always play with the odds of the teams, a fact that is also taken into account by the users themselves. If you find a team that normally has low implied probability, but in recent matches they have benefited from VAR, it is better to be prepared for a surprise, and have a solid bet in your hands.

Fan ID

It became popular at the World Cup in Russia. It is used as an identifier for football fans who want to go to another country just to watch a match. This identifier has a chip that collects all the user’s data. In addition, this chip can contain different services such as exclusive access to the stadium, free transport, among others.

Smart shoes

We are used to see players wearing shoes of known brands that represent them. Now these brands want to go further by making them a little more technological, because in their catalogues you can see special editions of certain models that adapt perfectly to the foot of a player.

Intelligence ball

This technological football gadget was launched in 2018. It was created to be able to have more control and information in the passes between players as well as to perform special exercises. For this purpose, the ball has a chip inside that allows it to be connected to a tablet or smartphone.

Other technological accessories in the football world

In addition to the accessories mentioned above, there are also other accessories such as wristbands or smartwatches that are created by leading technology manufacturers. With the inserted technology it is possible to record every movement and activity of the football players.


More than once you have seen the ball fly out of the goal and not known if it has crossed the goal line, a possible goal known as a phantom goal. Now, football has added its hawk-eye that has been seen so often in tennis. GoalControl is a camera that is positioned facing the goal line that helps the referee if the ball has gone completely over the goal line.

GPS waistcoats

You can see in every match when a player is about to take the field how they put on a vest that covers their chest. This vest is an accessory that weighs no more than 66 grams and is fitted with a GPS in order to monitor the performance of each player. By means of this device it is possible to check where the player has moved on the pitch, the kilometers they have covered and, as announced when it was presented, the number of passes they have made. Teams such as FC Barcelona use it on a daily basis.


In the 21st century, the technological world has made a great leap forward in the world of football. Therefore, it is important to be aware of the technology trends that surrounds it. In order to keep moving forward, it is necessary to have some data, and football teams want to keep growing and innovating.

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