Gaming Technology Innovations

The 11 Biggest Gaming Technology Innovations

Video games have come a long way since they became mainstream in the 1980s. Since then, there have been several advances in gaming tech that have provided gamers with even more options and made the future of gaming brighter and even more exciting. Some of the biggest innovations in gaming technology today include:

Facial Recognition

Facial recognition technology and 3D scanning allow systems to create an avatar that looks like you in the gaming world or transfer your own facial expressions to your digital creations. Today there are even more innovations such as the Intel RealSense 3D camera that may one day allow game developers to create games that adapt to the player’s emotions by scanning various different points on your face. This could be used to control the difficulty level and even the storyline of the game based on how you feel about it.

Gesture Control

The latest technology allows players to get rid of their controllers altogether and play several games including first person shooter games by simply gesturing with their hands. 3D cameras that track different points in your hand allow gesture control technology to make it possible for gamers to really connect with their experience using their body’s natural movements.

Voice Recognition

If you don’t want to pick up a controller, voice-controlled gaming is a new innovation that has been around for a while. Voice search and other voice-controlled devices are quickly taking over the tech world today, and the potential of using this technology in gaming has finally begun to catch up to reality. Computers are now designed to be able to easily recognize voice commands given by the user and there are several things that you can do using this technology including turning the system on and off, controlling gameplay, or searching the web and interacting on social media.

Virtual Reality

While it took a while for virtual reality gaming consoles to be commercially released, today there is a growing range of VR headset displays that give gamers a fully immersive gaming experience from the comfort of their homes, such as the Oculus Quest 1 and 2, HTC VIVE and PlayStation VR. Virtual reality headsets allow players to completely lose themselves in the game by entering the world of the game themselves rather than playing on a screen, making it an awesome option for those who enjoy completely escaping into gaming.

Augmented Reality

If a virtual reality gaming world isn’t for you, augmented reality might be. AR games are not confined to a computer monitor or a TV, allowing the gamer to get a unique perspective. They can maneuver spaces within the real world and often make the game’s object applicable to real-life situations, such as allowing you to play table tennis or table hockey from your kitchen table or puzzles created using obstacles in your own outdoor space.

Mobile Gaming

While it has been around for longer than many of the other gaming innovations that we are getting used to today, mobile gaming is still considered to be one of the biggest innovations in gaming over the past few years. First made popular by the Apple iPhone with several gaming apps and a gaming center, today you can play almost any game that you like on your smartphone or tablet when at home or on-the-go, meaning that gamers are no longer confined to their gaming console or PC setup. Mobile casino gaming at, for example, is becoming a popular choice with casino gamers who prefer the convenience of being able to place bets and play their favorite games from home.

High-Quality Graphics

Today’s gaming graphics have come a long way compared to where they used to be. We have definitely come a very long way from the first basic 8-bit graphics in gaming, with cutting-edge advancements that allow gamers to experience the games that they play in fully-rendered digital worlds offering photo realistic textures. This has made it possible for gamers to fully immerse themselves and feel like they are actually in the game, especially when playing on VR or AR systems.

Wearable Gaming

Wearables are becoming one of the most popular technologies today and gaming hasn’t been overlooked. Whether it’s smart glasses or smart watches, wearable games can help to make gaming more portable without being invasive. Many companies that began using wearable technology for fitness and health are now beginning to include gaming and entertainment applications, where wearables become not only an extension of yourself but also an extension of your favorite console system.

High Definition

With gaming graphics that are just getting better and better, gamers need a way to show them off and get the best experience. As a result, Ultra 4K gaming has become more and more popular with TVs, monitors, and even laptops designed to support it. Although 4K technologies may have started out at thousands of dollars, their price point has steadily decreased over time, making them more accessible and turning it into the standard choice for all types of gamers.

Cloud Gaming

Developers have been aiming to lighten the load with cloud gaming rather than creating videogame consoles and systems that require powerful hardware. Gamers are no longer limited by the amount of memory that console or computer hard drivers have on offer; instead, they are able to use the cloud, which makes massive server-size limits with images streamed to your device through the internet possible.

Game Streaming Services

We are, by now, all familiar with movie and TV streaming services like Netflix, and the good news for gamers is that this technology is set to take the world of gaming by storm in the very near future. Gamers are already able to watch and share live streams of their games using services like Twitch, and the ability to stream and play video games is becoming more and more of a reality.

No matter what kind of games you enjoy playing the most, it’s impossible to deny that gaming has seriously improved over the past few years. Which of these innovations has had the biggest impact on you as a gamer?

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