The 5 Best Cannabis Social Networks in 2020

Cannabis was always taboo.

Due to its psychedelic impact, the drug was shunned by the society for a very long time. But, this has changed and today, we know that marijuana can be used in various positive ways. For example, it is a very potent medicine that can be used to treat different medical conditions.

 Although cannabis is now legal in numerous countries, most governments are still reluctant when it comes to providing support to local marijuana businesses. Users are still labeled as potheads, and we can only hope that this will change in the near future.

One of the signs that things will get better is the enormous amount of CBD blogs and cannabis social networks that popped in the last several years. Weed users want to connect with each other and share their passion for this amazing plant. Even though these are closed communities, and most people still don’t want to publicly show that they’re into cannabis, it seems that the common prejudice surrounding marijuana is slowly vanishing.

With all that being said, here are the top 5 best cannabis business social networks in 2020 that you should definitely check out!

  1. Grasscity Forum

Grasscity Forum is one of the first web forums to openly discuss the topic of marijuana. Over time, the community has grown, and nowadays, there is a very few marijuana entrepreneurs who haven’t heard of this site. Besides its basic, forum function, the site is also a great source of information. There are numerous posts educating cannabis entrepreneurs and users. You can learn how to grow your own weed, what is the difference between popular strains, how to smoke marijuana, what is the most popular cannabis equipment, and so on. Another nifty feature is Grasscity’s cannabiz listing. Here, you can find a list with all the cannabis stores in the US. So, if you every need to buy weed, now you know how you can find the nearest store.

  1. Bud Hubz

If you just came to a new city, you’re probably struggling to find a local dispensary. Most search engines and social networks are reluctant when it comes to cannabis. They don’t show any marijuana ads or content making it harder to find local stores. But, you can do so by installing Bud Hubz app. This application is like Foursquare, but for marijuana. With it, you can find the nearest weed dispensary, and learn more about it. Another cool feature is Bud Hubz’ doctors’ listing. If you’re a patient who is using cannabis on a regular basis, you can easily find the nearest marijuana doctor with this app.

  1. MJ Mary Jane

If Bud Hubz was like Foursqure, MJ Mary Jane is like Pinterest. This platform is really cool and intuitive. If you ever used Pinterest or Instagram, you will feel at home when using this application. You can easily get it for your phone, by downloading it from Google Play or Apple Store. MJ Mary Jane gives you a lot of different options. Share your cannabis pics, recipes, and other fun images with all other weed lovers. You can also rate and share other people’s content, as with any other social networks.

  1. 420 Singles

420 Singles is a platform focused on single, cannabis enthusiasts. If you’re looking for a significant other, this is the best place to start your search. Whether you need a fling, or a serious relationship, you can find it right here. The app is very similar to Tinder; all you need to do is swipe left or right and decide who you like. When a person gets a notification, you can decide how to go from there. Of course, the network can also be used for making acquaintances, and long-lasting friendships.

  1. CannaSOS

Of course, there are also a few networks geared towards marijuana entrepreneurs. Perhaps the best example is CannaSOS. Besides the fact you can connect with other marijuana companies, this site gives you a lot of other options. For example, it is great for learning new stuff about the plant. It has a lot of data on various strains, planting techniques, products, etc. CannaSOS also has an enormous listing of cannabis companies. The site gets around 400,000 visitors each month. Its vivid community is the main reason why you will stay on this platform for months, and even years.


            Today, it is much easier being a cannabis lover. With all these social networks, you can easily connect with other enthusiasts and share ideas and recipes. Each one of them is at least worth checking, and we hope you’ll have fun while doing just that!

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