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The 6 Best Costumes for Kids in 2022

In 2022, there are plenty of sure-to-be popular costumes for kids. According to Chasing Fireflies, “Nothing encourages young imaginations like costumes and accessories!” We’ve put together a list of our favorites so you can get ready now!

Power Ranger

Power Ranger costumes are a classic option and there’s no denying that they’re popular with both boys and girls. They come in a range of styles and colors, so you can get exactly what you’re looking for. The good news is that Power Ranger costumes come in a range of sizes too—from child to adult—so everyone can feel like one of these powerful superheroes.

If your child has been begging for a costume since Halloween ended or if you want to dress up together as someone from another world, then this might be the choice for you. These outfits are perfect for dressing up at home or at school parties, so make sure that yours is ready!

Black Panther

For kids who like the movie Black Panther, this costume is a great choice. The costume is also popular with children who want to dress up as the character Shuri, one of the main characters in the movie.

The costume is made with items you probably already have around your house: a black shirt, black pants and shoes, and some gold jewelry or yellow accessories if you want them (like goggles). If your child doesn’t wear glasses normally and wants to wear glasses for this costume idea…you can buy cheap black sunglasses at Dollar Tree!

A lot of parents make their own superhero costumes from scratch by sewing together pieces of fabric into superhero-looking outfits but if you don’t have time for that then it’s totally fine; there are many different styles available for purchase online ranging from simple T-shirts to full body jumpsuits depending on how much work/money you’re willing sacrifice!

Paw Patrol

Paw Patrol is a very popular TV show, particularly with kids. The costumes are easy to find and relatively affordable, so it’s not hard to find a Paw Patrol costume for your child’s Halloween party or school event. You can even make your own at home if you want something unique that won’t cost much money!

It doesn’t matter if you have a boy or girl; Paw Patrol is an excellent choice for both genders because they usually wear the same clothes when they’re out on missions. It’s also suitable for toddlers and older kids alike, so no matter how old your kid happens to be this year (or what size), there’ll be something that fits their needs perfectly within this group of characters’ various wardrobes


Dorothy is a classic, so if you’re looking to keep it simple and traditional, this is your costume. It’s also ideal for kids who want to be a good role model for others. She’s one of the positive characters in The Wizard of Oz—a little girl from Kansas (or more specifically, “somewhere over the rainbow”) who goes on an adventure with some friends and meets new people.

As far as costumes go, Dorothy is easy to dress up as because she has plenty of accessories available. You can get everything from headbands with buttons on them all the way down to her iconic ruby slippers!


Elsa is the main character of the Disney animated film Frozen, who was loosely based on the Danish fairy tale “The Snow Queen” by Hans Christian Andersen. In the 2013 film, she is voiced by Idina Menzel and animated using performance capture. She first appears in the 2013 animated feature film Frozen, as an icy sorceress with cryokinetic powers who becomes queen of Arendelle after her parents die; however, she hides her magic powers and isolates herself from everyone else in order to avoid hurting them with it. Elsa’s story has been adapted into a Broadway musical featuring songs from both Frozen and its 2017 sequel, Olaf’s Frozen Adventure.

Elsa wears three different outfits over the course of the movie: a coronation gown that resembles a wedding dress; one made out of ice crystals (which melts throughout most of Act II); and another white gown with gold trimmings during “Let It Go” as well as at her wedding ceremony with Anna (her sister).


Superman is the perfect costume for boys and girls of all ages. It’s classic, fun and comfortable to wear. Whether you’re dressing up as Superman for Halloween or any other special occasion, you can count on this iconic superhero to deliver a big smile wherever he goes.

These costumes are sure to be popular in 2022. These costumes are sure to be popular with kids. These costumes are sure to be popular with parents, too.

And there you have it! The 6 best costumes for kids in 2022. We hope we’ve helped you find a costume that is right for your little one. Remember to check back with us as we update this article each year and bring you the hottest new trends in Halloween fashion!

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