The Amazing Health Benefits of Spring Mattress You Should Know

Do you know what spring mattresses are exactly manufactured with? Ideally, spring mattresses have dozens of tiny metal springs inside them. The springs provide exceptional support to the mattress, due to which it remains in a good shape even after a couple of years of use, adding to the mattress’s comfort and making it extra supportive and bouncy.

Besides the comfortable and restful sleep, spring mattresses offer excellent health benefits and help deal with problems like a bad back, stress and pressure, and others. Continue reading to know how a spring mattress can work wonders for you and your family:

1. Suitable for People with a Bad Back

You might not even be able to imagine how relaxing it can be to sleep on spring mattresses as they give complete rest to your sore muscles and weary bones. As spring mattresses are fine-tuned to respond to your body’s sharp pressure points, it helps prevent or relieve back pain. Now, imagine sleeping on a luxurious mattress that sinks exactly where you want it to. As if each and every coil of the mattress cradles your back’s different sections. You will only experience the most restful and blissful sleep.

2. No Motion Transfer

If you share your bed with someone, you must have experienced motion transfer, right? Motion transfer is felt when your partner moves on the bed or changes the side while sleeping and the effect of their movement reaches you, disturbing your sleep.

On spring mattresses, you can move independently and individually without disturbing your partner as the mattress adjusts to only the pressure that is applied directly on top of the mattress. These mattresses reduce motion transfer to a bare minimum, helping you experience undisturbed sleep.

3. Perfect for All Sleeping Positions

Hey, here’s a little reminder, you deserve a restful good night’s sleep every night. Therefore, you shouldn’t compromise on the mattress you buy, be it quality-wise or cost-wise. Irrespective of the category of sleepers you fall within, which may be back sleepers, side sleepers or stomach sleepers, a good quality spring mattress would provide stable and firm support to your back and body, ensuring right spinal alignment.

4. Pressure Relief

Spring mattresses distribute your body weight evenly, helping you relieve stress and pressure from your body’s pressure points. Also, the firmness of the mattress allows your body to sink exactly as much as it should, allowing you to maintain an aligned posture of your spine.

However, if you sleep on a mattress that doesn’t adjust to your body’s contours, you may feel strain and pain on your body’s pressure points.

5. Better Air Circulation

Spring mattresses provide excellent air circulation throughout the night. It is highly advantageous for people who feel warm during their sleep, due to which their sleep gets disturbed, and they wake up sluggish and low on energy the next morning. However, the open coils present on the spring mattresses allow better airflow as compared to other types of mattresses, making them the best and breathable mattress to sleep on.

6. Hold Bacteria Less

If you purchase the top-notch quality spring mattress, you will notice that these mattresses do not hold bacteria, promoting cooler, cleaner and healthy sleep. However, what’s the fact behind it? You may ask. It’s because bacteria hardly thrive in colder areas; even if they do, they do not stay for long. And, as these spring mattresses maintain good air circulation, they remain cool and fresh.

7. Perfect for Everyone

Spring mattresses are a perfect blend of precise responsiveness and firm support, which makes them perfect for everyone. The mattresses’ firmness provides adequate support and is manufactured to adjust to the pressure, irrespective of your weight.

Don’t these benefits sound convincing and promising enough? Indeed they are! However, if you want to experience the best, it is essential to buy a spring mattress from brands like Duroflex, which have been in the industry for years and put in their best efforts to provide the top quality products to their customers. They even provide easy payment options like no-cost EMI, making your shopping experience even better and smoother. Head to their website to explore top-quality mattresses, pillows and much more.

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