Automatic Water Pump Controller

The Best Automatic Water Pump Controller You Can’t Miss in 2022

An automatic water pump controller is a device that monitors water levels to ensure that your pumps are functioning properly, efficiently, and only when needed. These pump controllers are used in a variety of applications, including office buildings, hospitals, farms, workshops, and residential quarters. They work well in places where the pump has to run constantly—such as in a water treatment plant—but also where pumps have to be turned on and off frequently.

For instance, in an office building, a system would monitor the water level in the basement and only turn on the pumps when necessary; if there was a problem with such a system, it could flood the basement or perhaps even damage the building’s foundation.

However, automatic pump controllers prevent overheating, reduce costs by preventing unnecessary wear and tear on your equipment and help you in saving money on energy bills. That said, we’ve jotted down some important factors that you must consider while buying an automatic water pump controller.

Factors to Consider Before Buying An Automatic Water Pump Controller

The following are the factors that you need to consider before investing your money in the best inverter pump.

l Compatibility

First, it is important to assess the type of water pump you have. Automatic water pump controllers can be used in different types of water pumps, including deep well submersible pumps, jet pumps, good shallow pumps, and other pump types.

It is also essential to check the automatic water pump controller’s compatibility with other components such as pressure switches and tank sizes. Most controllers are designed for use with 30/50 pressure switches. These are suitable for small residential applications. For large commercial applications or agricultural applications, 60/100 pressure switches should be used instead.

l Motor power

Once you have determined the type of your water pump, you need to check its motor horsepower. Automatic water controllers are available for 1/2HP, 1HP, and 2HP motors. The power consumption of the controller must match that of your motor.

l Features

Some automatic water pump controllers come with advanced functions like low-pressure alarm, high-temperature alarm, leak detection, etc. And it is important to opt for a brand that offers maximum features.

l Instruction manual

Although automatic water pump controllers are easy to install, some of them require special installation that might put you in a head-scratching situation. To save your time from this trouble, make sure it comes with an instruction manual, so you install it within 15-20 minutes.

Instruction manual

Bedford’s W191 Automatic Water Pump Controller

The W191 automatic water pump controller from Bedford Pumps provides many benefits over traditional float switches. The product is designed to be used with submersible pumps to control the level of water within a tank.

The unit can be installed in less than 5 minutes and features simple push-fit connections for ease of installation and maintenance. The W191 can be used with single-phase or 3-phase pumps and has multiple operation modes, meaning that it can be used in a variety of different applications, including garden irrigation and flood defense systems.

It features a foolproof one-button voltage regulator for easy operation. It has a built-in delay which ensures that there is a smooth transition between start and stops modes. It has an overpressure protection system which protects it from overpressure damage. Its ability to operate on both AC and DC voltages makes it very versatile, allowing you to use it depending on your preference or site conditions.

Its safety features ensure that it works safely and efficiently at all times hence preventing any damage to both the pump and motor. Most importantly, it is made from high-quality components and materials, which ensure its durability and reliability.

Why Choose Bedford

Why Choose Bedford As An Inverter Supplier?

Bedford has been a leading inverter supplier for over 16 years. They offer a range of products and services that allow you to maintain your equipment, increase efficiency, and maximize safety. Their inverters can be used in some of the most challenging environments, including deepwater tanks and water filtration equipment. They utilize proprietary technology to ensure their products can withstand whatever situations they’re put into. They offer a low-cost solution to their customers, so you can totally rely on them for your needs.

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