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If there’s a place where you can find shapewear at the best prices, that’s probably going to be with any shapewear vendors. Why? Because when they’re specialized in wholesaling, they make the products and offer them to businesses or even final costumers, so they can take advantage of the lower prices for their business or even for their own use.

And that’s basically the idea of wholesale. Which basically is to sell goods at low price in large quantities so others (in this case businesses) can retail them. So, if you’re starting your own shapewear business, then a very good place to get wholesale shapewear is definitively at FeelingirlDress.

What is Waistdear?

Waistdear is a company that was founded back in 2011. They have a business operating model that integrates research, design, development, production and also sell, offering them to the world with a cross border e-commerce. They not only offer shapewear, but also waist trainers, sportswear, with over 2,000,000 pieces annually, they make shopping wholesale waist trainers with logo and shapewear and building your business really easy with their drop shipping method too.


They’re definitively for me the best manufacturer for wholesale shapewear and they’ll make sure you’re a very satisfied costumer of them. And while we might have talk in a general matter about the products they have, I want to talk deeply about shapewear and waist trainers.

They have different shapewears so you can choose many options to offer to your customers. And so, it has to be, since just one specific model won’t be the right one for one type of dress or clothing. Some are perfect for long dresses, some are perfect for short ones, some will be perfect for tube skirts… and some others will help with your back posture and make your chest look better. They will help the user achieve their dream hourglass figure while their wearing it for any special occasions they use them for.


If what your costumers are looking for is having a more stylized body and more specifically a smaller waist, then the right product to offer them are waist trainers. Some of them come in vest form and also others some others have shorts and special additaments that will help you shape your legs and give your ass a better-looking shape too.

Thanks to Waistdear you will be able to help your costumers or even yourself (if you are just a costumer that wants products for yourself at the best price and are willing to buy more than one for the prices) to achieve their dream body. No matter if it’s for a short period of wearing them like when you’re using shapewear, but in a long term, using constantly your waist trainer to train your waist into a smaller one. And maybe even lose a little bit of weight if you use them while you’re at the gym working out and wearing them.

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