The British and Israeli Ministers Fled as Soon as the Palestinian Attack Siren Sounded

During the visit of British Foreign Minister James Cleverley to Israel, the siren of the rocket attack started ringing during the discussion with the Israeli counterpart.

As the sirens sounded, James Cleverly and Israeli Foreign Minister Eli Cohen ran to the building for shelter.

Video of British, Israeli leaders fleeing for asylum went viral on social media, James Cleverly has gone to Israel to assure Israel of British support.

It should be noted that the number of martyred Palestinians in the Israeli bombardment on Gaza has increased to over 1100 while more than 5000 are injured.

Al-Azhar University, a well-known educational institution in Egypt, described the Israeli aggression on the Gaza Strip as a black spot on the face of the Zionists and their supporters.

On the other hand, after the Israeli city of Ashkelon, Hamas attacked the Israeli capital Tel Aviv, including Ashdod, Sidrut with rockets.

The Israeli media admitted that many targets were damaged in other cities, the number of Israelis killed in five days has increased to more than 1200, more than 3 thousand have been injured.

The head of the European Commission called the attack by Hamas on Israel an act of war.

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