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How Can I Watch FIFA World Cup 2022 on RAI?

The FIFA World Cup is one of the world’s most iconic and celebrated sporting events. Held every four years, it’s a massive event that attracts millions of viewers around the globe. If you’re looking to watch this year’s edition of the FIFA World Cup, you won’t be able to do so alone. You won’t even be able to watch it live. Due to broadcasting rights restrictions, you must subscribe to a paid service like RAI to watch the game live. However, we have created a guide on watching FIFA World Cup 2022 on RAI so that you can follow all of the action from the comfort of your home.

What is RAI?

RAI (RadioTelevisione Italiana) is the public broadcasting corporation of Italy. The company operates two national television channels and one radio station. RAI also provides a range of cultural programming, including documentaries, talk shows, music videos, and comedy events.

The company broadcasts live and pre-recorded content over the Internet and some subscription television services in Italy and abroad. RAI also produces original content for television and radio.

The FIFA World Cup is the biggest international football tournament in the world. RAI broadcasts all 64 matches live from Qatar across its two national television channels – Rai 1 and Rai 2 – and its radio station, Radio Rai International.

How to Watch FIFA World Cup 2022 on RAI

How to Live Stream FIFA World Cup 2022? If you’re one of the lucky ones who can get their hands on an RAI satellite dish or have access to a good streaming service, you’re in for some serious FIFA World Cup action. And if you’re not so fortunate? Don’t worry! There are plenty of ways to watch the World Cup, regardless of location.

Whether you want to tune into all 64 matches live or focus on a few key games, here are five different ways to watch FIFA World Cup 2022 on RAI:

1) Via Online Streaming:

All games will be available to watch if you have an online streaming subscription, like Netflix or Amazon Prime Video. However, some games might be geo-restricted and unavailable depending on where you are located. So be sure to check before tuning in!

2) Via TV Channels:

Most countries will have terrestrial (cable) and satellite television networks broadcasting the World Cup. If you don’t have cable or satellite, many stations will be airing the games over the air as well. Make sure you have an appropriate antenna installed to catch all the action! In some cases, like Germany and Argentina, where there is significant overlap between cable and satellite providers (Argentina has both pay-per-view and free over-the-air broadcasts), fans may find it easier just to stick with one platform rather than switching back and forth between them. Either way, you’re guaranteed to see at least some of the games live.

3) Via Streaming Services:

Several streaming services offer international sports coverage if you don’t have cable or satellite. This includes services like Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime Video. Just be sure to check the individual provider’s respective World Cup restrictions before tuning in.

4) Via Official FIFA World Cup Apps:

While several unofficial apps allow users to watch live or delayed matches from around the world, official FIFA World Cup apps are generally easier to use and more reliable. Plus, they often include extra features (like match highlights) that aren’t available on other streaming services. They’re also great for staying up to date with all the latest news and information about the tournament.

5) Via Social Media:

Social media is best if you’re not interested in watching the games live but still want to follow all of the action. Some dedicated FIFA World Cup accounts on social media will keep you updated with all the latest news and updates from Qatar.

The channels that RAI offers

RAI offers a variety of channels to watch the FIFA World Cup. The most popular channel is Rai 1, which can be watched in Italy, Austria, Switzerland, and much of eastern Europe. Rai 2 is available in central and northern Italy, as well as in Slovenia, Croatia, and Bosnia and Herzegovina. Rai Sport is a cable and satellite sports network that offers live coverage of Serie A, Ligue 1, La Liga, The Bundesliga, NHL (NHL Global Series), ATP Tour Finals, and other events. Read More Allthegagefaces


If you’re a football fan (or want to watch the World Cup), you’ll need an appropriate TV provider to follow all the action. RAI is one of the best providers for live streaming, and they have several packages that will let you watch all the matches from Qatar. Here are all the details you need to know about their services, so be sure to check them out if you’re interested in watching World Cup 2022 on RAI!

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