Led video Walls

A growing trend: Led video Walls

If there is something that expanded its growth since the pandemic and its consequent confinement, it is the incorporation and use of all kinds of screens to carry out various activities in different areas

  • Commercial
  • Advertising / Campaigns
  • Banks
  • Terminals
  • Schools
  • Home
  • Surveillance
  • Hotels / Restaurant
  • Entertainment / Cinema

The screens most chosen for their effectiveness are the Giant Led. A growing trend due to its advantages and its backlighting technology that makes them ecological, promoting care for the environment.

When we think about giant LED screens, the first thing that comes to our minds are advertising or political campaigns, movie theaters, stadiums, concerts, among others.

Today to think about living without a screen would be to be left out of a system that forces us to reformulate our way of looking at the world, connecting and communicating, shortening distances and bringing reality closer without harming the ecosystem.

Its effectiveness lies in its ability to save resources since each bulb consumes independent energy but shares it with the next.

Formal education could be developed through these devices, work meetings, celebrations, concerts and even visiting a loved one felt close from the comfort of a screen.

Today more and more people decide to invest in a large LED screen even for a home. In this article we will stop to explain the reasons and benefits of having one.

In the United States, more and more people choose to set up a home cinema with led walls

The whole world was traversed by confinement and one of the lessons is that many times the best option is to stay at home to take care of everyone’s health.

One of the recreational outings most chosen by children and adults before confinement was to enjoy a movie through a giant screen in a movie theater.

Nowadays, many people decide to set up a home theater and have fun at home so as not to put any member of their family at risk.

more and more people choose to set up a home cinema with led walls

Led video wall screens are the most chosen in the US for their ability to offer continuous images and scalability to any size or shape. They can record and project at the same time. Its popularity grew due to its flexibility to adapt to any environment or space.

With multiple formats, it allows you to offer various uses. Mounting a cinematic experience is the most chosen option.

The screens adapt to the available space ensuring image quality to generate more realistic environments. Enjoying a family movie will be a wonderful experience.

The market offers a wide variety of displays with advanced technology. The general rule of thumb for excellent resolution is 2.5 feet by 1mm resolution. Accessing high-end equipment is possible thanks to the wide range of offers that we find in the market.

Led wall panel for watching movies and for gamers

The led wall has characteristics that make the content of a video wall be seen perfectly from any angle. Its advanced MicroLed technology reduces the size of the pixels allowing modular panels to exist.

Enjoying a live video through the screens is a fascinating experience for the whole family. Its use within the home is practical and diverse, from setting up a movie theater to enjoy with the family, sharing games through applications or projecting a game with friends. A stimulating experience for the viewer that will lead them to awaken all their senses, generating the feeling of being part of it.

Led wall panel for watching movies and for gamers

Conventional led screens vs Big Led Screen

Big Led Screen screens, unlike conventional screens, are more efficient, adaptable and easy to install. Assembling or disassembling the panels is a simple task as it does not require complex tools or previous training. Its image quality is excellent, digital panels reproduce images through reflective liquid crystals that open and close reflecting or blocking the light source. Its system of LEDs awakens a great visual impact due to its luminosity and also:

  • The screen color is 16.7M is clear and realistic
  • Automatic brightness adjustment ensuring luminous brightness
  • Has low operating voltage
  • Low energy consumption
  • Large stem
  • Long life
  • Impact resistence
  • Stable performance

Another benefit they offer is that they are 80% more efficient, consume less electricity and produce the same amount of light. They consume between 30% and 50% less than traditional bulbs. The most sophisticated and economical option for audiovisual content lovers.

The best-selling models in the United States

The best-selling models in the United States

The market offers a wide variety of options in led wall screens that adapt to the needs of each user. Choosing the design for your home will not be a difficult task since all providers have availability due to their high demand.

Led Nation is a company that offers a comprehensive service with advice, sale of high quality products, installation, rental and follow-up so that the customer can enjoy their screen to the fullest.

The best-selling models are the indoor and outdoor led video walls displays related to the world of entertainment. The success is due to its high brightness, its fine pixel tones achieving high resolution and optimal image quality.

The company offers a variety of models with different sizes and dimensions ideal for a home theater. Led screens are adaptable to any space and environment, these are the best-selling models:

  • 7 ‘x 7.9’ P1.99mm LED video wall display. Turnkey virtual productions for interiors
  • 6 ‘x 6.3’ P1.99mm LED video wall display. Turnkey virtual productions for interiors
  • 5 ‘x 6.3’ P1.99mm LED video wall display. Turnkey virtual productions for interiors

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