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What Should You Do if You’re Injured in a Supermarket?

When you do your weekly grocery shopping, you assume it will be a straightforward errand and that you’ll be in and out with no problem. You’ll get all the essentials that you’ll need, and maybe even a few tasty treats too. However, if you do happen to slip, fall, or get injured while you’re there, it might leave more than your pride feeling hurt. If you do find yourself in this situation, and there was no warning sign that the floors were wet, or there were products unsafely stacked, here is what you should do.

Notify a Member of Staff

Hopefully, a staff member will come to assist you if you have been injured, but if there isn’t one around, make sure that you notify someone about this as soon as possible. Tell them what happened, and ask to speak to a manager about it too. You should make sure that they have logged the incident in their accident book so that there is a record of this.

Take Some Pain Relief Medication and Rest at Home

Like with any injury, it’s a good idea to get some rest when you get home and take some pain relief medication to help you feel more comfortable. You may also want to think about taking an anti-inflammatory medication like ibuprofen if you have noticed swelling in the affected area. If your injury is significant enough that you are struggling to move or might have a concussion, ask a member of staff to contact paramedics to check you out at the scene of the incident. They will determine if you need to go to the hospital or give you the all-clear to go home.

See the Doctor if Pain Persists

If you are still experiencing pain and discomfort after a few days, you should make an appointment for a physical examination with your doctor as soon as possible. They will be able to let you know how extensive the injury is and what kind of treatments (if any) you will need to help with the recovery. You might also need to get a doctor’s note if you need time off work.

Consider Making a Personal Injury Claim

Suppose the incident was due to negligence of the supermarket operators because they failed to adhere to health and safety standards on the property. In that case, you could be in a good position to make a personal injury claim. The compensation you receive can help you to cover medical expenses or a loss of income if you have had to take time off from work because of your injury. Speak to an attorney like this Connecticut slips and falls lawyer to find out if you can make a claim and what the next steps will be.

Hopefully, if you do have a fall or slip in a supermarket, you’ll only feel a little embarrassed. However, if you are injured and this has caused you distress or difficulty in your daily life moving forward, consider taking legal action and make sure that you’re looking after yourself at home.

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