5 Walk-In Closet Design Tips to Help you Maximize your Space

A walk-in closet is a functional space where you store your clothes. Your custom closet needs to make the most of the space you have available. That means designing a walk-in closet that will help you maximize your space.

Creating the perfect closet is a minefield. To make things easier, here are some effective strategies and tips that will help you design your small walk-in closet.

1. Divide the closet into zones

One of the most important design decisions you make is how to organize your closet. Most walk in closets separate items of clothing into categories, and then split up the space in your closet accordingly.

You can use racks for hanging shirts and trousers, drawers for underwear and shelving for shoes. Make the most of the space you have available by utilizing a combination of storage options at different heights. For example, placing shelving up to waist height with racks above.

Zoning your walk-in closet makes it easier to find your clothing. It also gives your small walk-in closet design a cleaner look. You can use open storage to section off categories of clothing from one another. Leave space in between clothing types to effectively highlight your wardrobe.

2. Add glass doors and muted tones

You can use glass partition walls or glass dividers in many different ways within your walk-in closet. For example, maybe you want to create a separate space for your shirts and trousers.

Having glass dividers allows you to create those divisions. 

You can also place glass in the cupboard doors. It gives a premium feel to your small walk-in closet design by elegantly reflecting indoor lighting. Glass cabinets allow you to see your clothing easily, so you can see what you have available.

The choice of colors can have a huge impact on your walk-in closet too. Use light colors for surfaces. For example, painting the ceiling white will reflect the light making the space feel airier. Using darker colors will have the opposite effect.

3. Choose accent colors

While you want to paint your walk-in closet in a primary light color, you should accentuate it with contrasting tones. Using accent colors helps you naturally draw the eye to different parts of your walk-in closet.

For example, brown drawers will contrast with white walls. You can use the color wheel to help you pick colors that work well together. Use no more than three colors in the space you have available.

Wooden rustic colors are a timeless classic. They give your walk-in closet a warm cozy atmosphere. You may also opt for cool colors such as grey and muted blue. These look especially great when paired with white or off-white. A custom closet company can help you pick the perfect color scheme for your space.

4. Use open storage well

Avoid the urge to fill every space with drawers and racks. That approach will leave your closet feeling cramped. Rather, strategically use the space you have available. That means utilizing a mixture of storage options, and giving your clothing room to breath.

The idea of negative space is important to design. 

Open space makes you feel relaxed. Creating space in your closet will help highlight pieces of your wardrobe and give you room for when you look in the mirror. 

Additionally, you want space to walk around your closet. Obviously, your approach will depend upon the space you have available. With a smaller closet, you will by necessity have less room for open space. With a larger closet, you can have a central seating area to put on your clothing.

5. Play with the lights

You may be lucky and have a window somewhere in your walk-in closet to allow natural light to come in. Natural light fills your walk-in closet with bright sunshine – literally – and makes the space feel more comfortable.

Unfortunately, most homeowners won’t get much light in their closet. If you face this issue, you need to choose suitable light fixtures.

You may choose between warm lighting fixtures or the cooler daytime option – just like any indoor lighting fixture in your home. The color of the light will affect how you perceive yourself in the mirror.

Choose a warm light that gently illuminates the space. You might want to look into hybrid LED light bulb solutions that allow you to cycle between different light temperatures. 


Designing a great walk-in closet is difficult. There are lots of things to consider, and the decisions you make will impact the outcome. Spend time considering and researching different  walk-in closet ideas. Divide your walk-in closet into zones to keep things organized.

Use muted tones and choose your accent colors carefully. You can use a color wheel to select a suitable scheme for the interior. You can’t go wrong with pairing white or cream with a muted brown, blue, or grey. Use glass partitions to keep your clothes organized and ensure they’re nicely presented.

Finally, play with the lighting. Apply these steps, and you’ll be on your way to creating your dream walk in closet.

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