7 Different Colors of Roses And Meaning Behind Them

7 Different Colors of Roses And Meaning Behind Them

When you think of the word flower; rose is the first flower that most people come to mind. No wonder why roses are known as the queen of the flowers. When it comes to making your loved one feel special, there is no better gift than a rose. However, it is important to keep in mind the occasion you are gifting while picking up roses.

Additionally, the color of the roses also plays a significant role in the selection of roses. Sure, you can pick the roses in a gift box for your girlfriend, but what about roses for a close friend? Since every rose color has different meanings, it becomes necessary to know about each rose before gifting them to someone. Likewise, picking the right type of rose can help you express your emotion without using words. But if you are confused about the different colors of roses, we got you covered.

In this article, we have rounded up some most common rose colors and the meaning behind them.

1- Red Roses

Red roses have always been a sign of love among couples for generations. Gifting a beautiful red rose to your wife, girlfriend, or mother is perfect for expressing your emotions when words fail to describe how you feel. The red roses carry the meaning of true love, passion, and romance in a true sense. So whether it is for a birthday or Valentine’s day, there is no better way to share your feeling than the personalized rose box.

2- White Roses

The white roses are one of the most beautiful roses often associated with new beginnings and marriages. These roses are also referred to as bridal roses because of their association with marriages. In addition, you can also buy white roses for a friend or relative to appreciate their presence in your life. The light white color of these roses conveys respect, hope for the future, and homage for the people who lost their lives. Moreover, when you meet someone after a long time, gifting the white rose is a great way to greet them.

3- Pink Roses

The pink roses are a classic symbol of elegance that is often given as a token of admiration and appreciation. Pink roses are usually associated with femininity, refinement, and sweetness. But due to various shades of pink roses, they carry different meanings. For example, a dark pink rose is associated with gratitude and appreciation. Likewise, a light pink rose represents joy, grace, and happiness. The pink roses are the most versatile and graceful roses you can give on any occasion.

4- Lavender Roses

The Lavender Roses generally bloom during the spring. Like other roses colors, the lavender roses have a special meaning attached to them. These roses represent love at first sight. The people who feel a strong vibe or attachment towards others can give lavender roses to express their feelings. While the dark purple rose symbolizes royalty, the lighter hue represents majesty. Meanings aside, the lavender roses are a great way to mark a lasting impression on the recipient.

5- Yellow Roses

Unlike other roses, you might want to reconsider before giving yellow roses. The yellow roses were once thought to express jealousy and infidelity. Fortunately, these lovely roses have adopted a more joyous meaning and represent friendship. Gifting a yellow rose to a friend is common to convey warmth and affection. In addition, the yellow roses also symbolize the remembrance and memory of loved ones.

6- Orange Roses

The orange roses are the wild child of the rose family that exudes energy, excitement, and even admiration. If you have been struggling to express your feelings and emotions to someone, then gifting an orange color rose is the perfect way to let them know exactly how you feel. These roses’ vibrant and refreshing aura is believed to bring peace, health, and happiness. Gifting an orange rose to your beloved signifies that you are ready to take the relationship to the next level.

7- Black Roses

The black roses are one of those spooky roses that are commonly used during Halloween. These roses are not created in nature, but their symbolism exists in our everyday lives. These roses symbolize death and ending a feeling, idea, or relationship. Since they are not naturally created, they represent mystery and capture people’s attention. In addition, the black roses are used as displays for funerals or memorial services for grieving or final goodbye to someone.

The Bottom Line

So these are some most common roses colors and the meaning behind them. Depending upon the occasion and the emotion you want to convey, you can decide on purchasing the color of the rose. However, a few other elements also play a part in roses selection. For example, you should decide whether to buy single rose or a dozen roses bouquet. In addition, you can also opt for an eternal roses box that lasts for a long period. Now that you know the meanings behind the rose colors, it would not be a difficult task for you to find a beautiful rose for your loved ones.


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