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Interior Design Trends For 2021: Looks and Inspiration To Take Note of

Interiors are consistently evolving, and each and every year we see movements that take on whole other life forms. It’s these key changes and additional attitudes that add to your home, providing sentimental quirk, and will in fact be held on for generations as you build your home-sweet-home. 2021 is the year minimalism no longer can be avoided, and that patterns and textiles combined actually work. Intrigued? Well, continue on…

While interiors are everything we have time for these days amidst the pandemic, you know what else we have time for? Gambling. Free bets and gambling, in general, has massively turned heads this past year, and for good reason. It’s perfect entertainment for when you are putting your feet up and hanging out in the perfectly designed living room. If that is still in the making, however, why not continue reading on and let us inspire you?

Minimalism does not have to be ‘barely there’

Yup, we said it. Often, many think minimalism is all about having barely-there rooms, with no life or vibrancy to fill the spaces. You-are-wrong. Minimalism should be seen as the bridge between colour and space. It fills the voids between having eccentric character-filled pieces and overdoing them. Think textures, fabrics and warm woody tones to integrate loud and plain as one element. Have one consistent tone, and then shake things up a bit with some spicy mahogany pieces to take all the attention, and add warmth. 

Combine irregular patterns

One thing that this year has taught us is that unconformities and the not so perfect, are beautiful and welcoming. The same thing applies to interiors. Be adventurous, combine those patterns, even when it seems eccentric and not conforming to your ideal. Sometimes multiple patterns across a harmonious palette just uniquely work and mould as one. By experimenting with different patterns, you can find calm in the chaos. Sometimes making a home, just means making home improvements and just adding that extra bit of ‘you’ character on an existing canvas.

Sculptural furniture as a foundation 

Sometimes, you can just let the furniture do the talking. By carefully selecting those key pieces that take on a form of their own, you can find that it is almost as if your furniture is dancing within the quiet, taking centre stage and silently creating a drama. Let’s not forget to mention that key sculptural pieces such as these, really are conversation starters too. If you are one to consistently entertain and invite others into your home, a sculptural interior design is the most impressive and spectacular show. 

Bold with neutrals 

This one is very similar to a minimalistic design scope, however, do not get them confused. The idea behind this is experimenting with multiple bold primary colours and combining them with an overall neutral palette. We will express that this is not for everyone, and will take some time to warm to, but many publications like Luxdeo, have expressed how it’s slowly the start of the next storm and craze within the interior design realm. Remember the bohemian trend, when it caught on? Imagine that but bigger…

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