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Tips To Keep Your Home Safe From Opportunist Thieves

Our parents and grandparents are often trying to tell stories about how good it was when they were young and how much safer it was back then. These stories do get a little bit tiring, but they speak a lot of truth when they say that life back then was much easier. When it came to security, there wasn’t really much to worry about and you could quite easily leave the key in the front door of your property and be sure that no one would go in and take any of your things. That is no longer the case and now unfortunately and we now have to take many measures to protect our properties and to protect our families. There are many opportunist thieves out there that will take advantage of you if you let them. Many people don’t want to work for a living and they would prefer to take your money rather than having to earn it themselves.

This is why it is your job as the head of the household to make sure that you install necessary additions like window security grills from Bulleen Screens in your property, that will provide you with the peace of mind that every homeowner or business owner wants. You can only rely on your neighbours for so much and in the evening time when your business is shut or you and your family have gone out for the evening, you need to have things in place to provide the necessary protection. The following are just some of the things that you could do.

– Secure Windows and doors – For many people, this is something that they do every time they leave the property and it is second nature to them. For others however, they frequently forget to check that everything is properly secured and a partially opened window will entice any would-be burglar. All they need is a little space in order to gain access to your property and before you know it they have cleared out your home or business and you are left holding the can. It may seem tedious, but make sure that you routinely check that every window and door is secure and this applies even when you’re in the property and you and the family members are going to sleep. The night time is when most burglars will strike, so you need to make sure that it doesn’t happen in your property. If you are seriously thinking about remodeling an old house, then some added security would be a good idea.

Have a good relationship with neighbours – We all know that neighbours can be annoying at times and especially if you have one that is particularly nosy and also wants to know everyone else’s business. Many people will see this nosy neighbour is an annoyance, but they are in fact a great asset to have around when you’re not in your property and you’ve never gone away for the weekend or longer. You can always ask your neighbours to keep an eye on your property when you were away and to contact you if they feel that anything suspicious is going on. Neighbours are always out and about in the gardens are washing the car in their driveways and so they can act as a kind of neighbourhood watch to protect your property. To learn more about keeping an eye on your property, there is lots of free government advice.

Many people do not take home or business security that serious and they never think it will happen to them until it does. By following these simple steps above, it might be sufficient to encourage a burglar to move on to easier pickings.

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