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Comporta Portugal

A vast agricultural reserve with 50 km of stunning beaches from Troia to Melides and 150 km2 of superb Comporta villas real estate bordering the Atlantic Ocean and Sado Estuary.

Comporta, in Portugal, is very rich with umbrella pine and cork oak, as well as native species and wildlife including wild boar, black pig, and many bird species that make Comporta home.

The Comporta Property market is booming, offering a wide range of new real estate projects, including luxury residences, beachfront properties, tourism initiatives, and agricultural and construction land for sale in Comporta.

Real estate brokers’ support

Real estate sales in Comporta and Melides were first conducted by licensed Comporta real estate agents, Living Portugal Property, in 2010. Numerous clients have found their dream houses in Portugal with the assistance of our local expertise, network of business contacts, and real estate expertise.

Village of Comporta

The village, which has numerous eateries, cafes, and stores selling home furnishings, is located in a tiny part of the Comporta estate. Comporta is quite a year-round, but from June to September it comes to life as Comporta Village transforms into a hub of activity, luring wealthy Portuguese and the A-class set from throughout Europe and beyond. Everyone respects their privacy in this laid-back environment, and the rich and famous can walk the cobblestone streets without being bothered by day-trippers or vacationers as the days go by.

For individuals who have a deep love for nature and solitude, which may occasionally be disturbed by the roar of the ocean or the chirping of birds, this magnificent Comporta reserve in Alentejo, Portugal, offers the ideal way of life. With numerous exquisitely built Comporta homes for sale or utilised as vacation homes by their owners or guests, the neighbourhood has developed into an architects’ haven.

Portugal Melides

Since Christian Louboutin purchased property there a few years ago, Melides in Portugal has emerged as one of the most sought-after locations in Comporta for real estate purchases.

This charming village has everything needed for a summer getaway or year-round living, including whitewashed buildings, the main church, a few eateries, and cafes.

Going west from the hamlet, you will encounter a vast expanse of rice farms, Melides Lagoon, and beaches that rival Comporta in vastness and beauty.

The Portuguese town of Melides is growing and ought to be on your list of places to travel to, stay while on holiday, or buy opulent property in.

Luxury Villas

Comporta villas were typically designed for the homeowner and not for sale, therefore it was very unusual to find one for sale until lately.

Prior to this, Comporta only had the traditional sailor’s cabanas, which were often on property owned by the estate’s owner, Herdade da Comporta, or the village residences that make up this estate, up for sale. Fewer villas are currently available for sale in Comporta, most of them are in Muda and closer to the beach in Brejos da Carregueira or Pego Beach close to Carvalhal.

Beach Houses

Even though Comporta is a coastal resort, the majority of its beach houses are situated nearby rather than on the actual beach.

Comporta Beach is a protected area, and new laws enforce the requirement that beach houses be two kilometres from the water’s edge. People in Alentejo, Portugal who have a sense of tranquilly and are not impeded by the passing of time may hear the roar of the ocean.

Due to their construction date, certain properties have been grandfathered in, although height limits prevent the development of two-story dwellings, which would preserve the skyline around a property. Real estate in Comporta is perfect for both your permanent property and vacation home, allowing you to unwind and take in the breathtaking surroundings that this lovely region offers.

Carrasqueira Cabanas

Each of the original Carrasqueira cabanas served a specific purpose and served as a home for the neighbourhood fisherman. In addition to separate cabanas for the living and kitchen areas, there would be a cabana for sleeping.

Comporta’s stunning residences were created using pinewood from the nearby forests and indigenous reeds from the Sado Estuary, right on top of the sand. One of the best choices is “Casas Na Areia,” which was erected by the careful tradesman family of Antonio and Vitor Pinela and was created by the renowned Portuguese architect Aires Mateus.


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