Clean Eating Basics

Clean Eating Basics: 4 Things to Remember

You are what you eat, as you’ve heard many times before. So if you eat crap, well, you know where I’m going with this.

But if you eat clean, healthy, empowering foods, you’ll truly be able to live your best life. A diet that prioritizes real, natural ingredients will provide you with the nutrition you need to stay healthy, beat diseases, and live the life you want.

But it’s easier said than done, right? We’ve spent our whole lives building poor eating habits. And they can be very tough to break.

Clean eating basics is all about undoing your bad habits and replacing them with healthy ones. Wondering how to get started? Want to know how to eat, clean, and live better? Keep reading to discover four essential tips.

  1. Don’t Shop in the Middle of the Store

The middle of the grocery store is the section without refrigeration. This means that all of the food on the shelf is processed in some way, likely loaded with preservatives to keep it stable.

These are the worst things you can buy and eat. Instead, make an effort to spend your grocery budget along the perimeter of the store. This is where the coolers are that hold fresh, healthy ingredients.

  1. Harvest Your Own Food

Want to make clean eating fun? One of the best ways to do that is by harvesting your own food.

When you put effort into producing or collecting food, you’ll develop a deeper appreciation for the food you eat. This can be gardening, foraging, fishing, raising chickens, or hunting.

  1. Clean Eating Basics; Learn to Cook

Healthy eating is all about choosing the healthiest ingredients possible and limiting or totally ignoring the bad ones. Unfortunately, those who don’t know how to cook, or don’t enjoy cooking, don’t have control over this.

If you don’t cook, you’ll be at the mercy of food companies who prepare meals for you. The problem is that these prepared meals are often filled with preservatives to extend the shelf life.

But when you learn to love cooking and learn to do it well, you’ll be able to craft the finest, most enjoyable meals with all the healthiest ingredients.

When it comes down to it, clean eating is all about building positive, healthy eating habits. Learning to cook well makes many of these habits much easier.

For other tips on building healthy eating habits, check out to make it as easy as possible.

  1. Find Healthy Treats

When making your clean eating grocery list, you need to leave off the sugary, processed treats that we’ve been brainwashed to love. Instead, your clean eating meal plan should factor in healthy treats that will satisfy your sweet tooth without harming your body.

This might be making banana ice cream in your blender, which tastes delicious without any added sugar or dairy. Or it might be other basic clean eating recipes that use natural sweeteners, such as dates, instead of processed sugars.

Find Your Reason to Eat Clean

There’s a lot more to say about clean eating basics, but these tips are a fantastic starting point. Most of what you need is a reason to be healthy.

Is it because you want to live long enough to meet your grandkids? Do you want to have the strength and energy to travel or enjoy your favorite hobbies well into middle and old age?

Inspiration and dedication is the most important ingredient to a healthy diet and lifestyle. Looking for more tips and tricks like this? Be sure to visit the rest of our blog today.

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