The DaVinci IQ Precision Vaporizer Review:

Perfect for Your Favorite Herb Blends

Directly under the mouthpiece, there is a removable ceramic flavor chamber that you can use to either add additional herbs for a multi-layered infused flavor, or you can use it as additional storage. Anything that’s in this chamber will have air going through it when you draw on the mouthpiece, but it will not be cooked, so to speak. A handy tool is stored on the side of the inner chamber that can be used to remove the lid of the flavor chamber. The rechargeable and replaceable 18650mAh battery is stored in its own compartment under a locking metal door.

With the app, you can control temperatures and smart paths, and there are a lot of other features built-in, such as a user manual, walk-throughs that show you how to use the IQ’s various features, an FAQ, a troubleshooting guide, and a plant guide which shows information on various smokable herbs.

My herb of choice at the moment is eucalyptus, but other included herbs in the guide include chamomile, damiana, passion flower, green tea, peppermint, raspberry leaf, lavender (another fave of mine), lemon balm, St. John’s wort, wild lettuce (you can smoke that? Who knew?!), rosemary, jasmine blossoms, cloves, orange blossoms, kola nuts, maca root, ginseng, thyme, and basil.

Opening a DaVinci IQC Vaporizer box is a premium experience; although the box is small, it is packed tightly with accessories, each of them thoughtful and well made.

Perfect for Your Favorite Herb Blends

Included in the box are the DaVinci IQ, a carry can, a premium USB to micro USB charging cable, a chimney brush, a key chain tool, alcohol wipes, a 10mm mouthpiece adapter, a DaVinci sticker, and an owner’s manual. I like that with the IQ, DaVinci moved away from the proprietary charger the Ascent used, although I can’t help thinking that if they had used a Type-C charger, this vaporizer would have been solidly future-proofed. Ah well.

At its widest points, the DaVinci IQ measures 3.6″ long by 1.7″ wide by 1′ thick, and it weighs 5.2 ounces. Its body is composed of aluminum; there are 51 dots cut into its face, and they illuminate with LEDs to display various functions.

On the right side, there is a Control button and a Smart Path/Temperature rocker button. Pressing the Control button five times will power on the vaporizer; clicking it once (after it’s been turned on) will switch heating modes, and clicking it five times again will turn it off. Depending upon the mode you are in, clicking the rocker button will either change your Smart Path (I’ll explain those in a bit) or it will change the temperature

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