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The difference between Toaster Oven and Air Fryer

There are many people who are really confused about the difference between air fryers and ovens. But you can say that an air fryer is simply a smaller oven with an appealing name. Its name impels air frying, but it is no actual frying inside an air fryer because an air fryer cooks food via convection baking. In deep-frying, your food is directly deep in hot oil. So the oil thoroughly dips from every inch of the food, so it gets crispy. On the other hand, baking by surrounding your food with hot air and air is not a conductor of heat as oil. So before knowing about the difference between toaster oven and air fryer.

What is toaster oven and Convection Baking?

Convection baking allowing the hot air to be blown around the food. The force of the air transfers more heat to the surface of the food so that it gives more crispiness than an ordinary oven. So you cannot say these two are the same. A convection oven is built like a toaster oven; it has a rectangular shape with a front door that opens on a pivot at the bottom. The ordinary toaster oven differs from a convection oven; the convection oven is equipped with a fan, which blows hot air around. So the motion of air inside the oven faster cooks by transferring higher temperatures to the surface of the food in contrast to an ordinary oven. A convection oven has a rack inside that will fit a sheet pan. Because the width allows the food to be spread out on the shelf rather than stacked in layers.

When the food is arranged in a single layer provides for even cooking all around. At the start, these ovens are used to be exclusive to restaurant kitchens, but now just about anyone can use them. Convection ovens are used for convection baking, but the heating elements are usually found on the top and bottom of the oven rather than like an air fryer. Convection ovens have racks to hold sheet pans. Which can bake, toast, roast, broil and sometimes dehydrate.

Convection ovens are generally more prominent than air fryers so that you can cook more food at one time. And their wide shape allows the food to be spread in an even layer on the rack, making it crispy evenly.

What Is an Air Fryer?

An air fryer is more portable and smaller than a toaster oven; many air fryers are tall, sort of like a coffeemaker. It comes with a removable bucket with a handle, and inside this bucket, a removable basket is fitted. The bucket slides into the fryer, you turn it on, and it starts to cook. It is smaller, and the fan is closer to the food, so an air fryer can through a high amount of heat onto a small cooking area. So an item of food in it will cook more quickly rather than in a toaster oven. Due to the small size, it will ultimately take longer to serve a meal to feed more than one or two people because you have to cook in batches. In an air fryer, you can cook food quickly with little to no oil. But you can found  air fryer toaster oven  two in one combo that is more useful and easy to use.

Differences between air fryers and toaster ovens

Air fryings are the same thing as deep frying. Air fryers are tiny ovens that fastly circulate hot air, cooking food faster. These commercially sold ovens were developed in the 1940s. They work somehow as today’s air fryers and toaster ovens. There is a small fan inside the oven that circulates hot air around the food to cook.


Air fryers are smaller in size in contrast to toaster ovens. They can cook different types of foods faster. Toaster ovens are a little big in length, and they can cook inside more food at one time. You can cook chicken and lamb chops in it. Air fryers are more compact. Air fryers are top appliances, while their convection settings are built into full-sized toaster ovens. The heating elements are set close to food items, which encourages food to cook fast.


It is air fryers that heat up faster, and they reach higher temperatures compared to toaster ovens. They can do so because they are more solid and have excellent heat distribution systems. Sometimes toaster ovens come with auto adjustment of temperature. They re-adjust inside the heat level, which is perfect for various recipes. The heat comes from the top in an air fryer, while in a toaster oven, it comes from the top bottom. The top-down style makes faster cooks food.


Air fryers come with many types of accessories that permit you for quick and even cooking with little flipping or tossing. These accessories include air fryer baskets, racks, trays, spits for rotisseries, and so on. You can use small baking pans or tin cans also on shelves.

Fan placement, speed and size

In a Toaster oven, the fan is located in the back of the stove, either in the center or on the side. While in the air fryer, the fan is located on the top of it, directly below the heating element. Further air fryer fans are large and work faster than convection fans, and their air fryer setting is 30% faster than their fan on convection.

Which are better air fryers or toaster ovens?

Air fryers cook quicker than toaster ovens. Besides this, their perforated racks also allow fat to drip onto the drip pan, so your food does not absorb excess oil, minimizing calories and becoming crispier. If you compare, air fryers can’t cook as much food at one time as in an oven. The air fryer can cook better food is in a single layer. But French fries can be stacked but should be tossed at least once.

The air fryer allows you to see inside; you can’t see inside in contrast to the oven. Air fryers make more noise than a convection oven. The air fryer is more expensive in comparison to the convection oven. A toaster oven takes too many places in your cupboard while the air fryers take up less space. A convection oven will pretty much have to live on your countertop full-time, whereas an air fryer can go in a cupboard. Cleanup of the Air fryer is more complicated. Because they come with many accessories to clean along with the bucket that it fits in. With a convection oven, you have to clean the pan.

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