The Different types of 60% Keyboards

The Different types of 60% Keyboards

In the market, there are many keyboards are available in different sizes and a keyboard with 60% of size is one of them. You can buy it to play games if you are feeling bore and want to do some exciting or refreshing. In this situation, playing game is a good choice by the mostly people and playing a game with 60% keyboard. Play a game with a 60% keyboard is a best experience because this keyboard provides advantages to a user and due tot he 60% keyboard’ advantages, many people buy such kind of keyboards. There are many types of 60% keyboard in the market, if you want to buy one of the keyboard for your gaming and other purposes. You will know different keyboards in this article because we are here to provide some useful information about different 60% keyboards which are famous due to their working and advantages. In this article, you will be known about the keys on the 60% keyboard because it is one of the important thing in 60% keyboard. You should be known about all things that are in the 60% keyboard so that it will help you in future when you go for purchasing a 60% keyboard for your gaming purposes. 

60% keyboard and keys in this keyboard

A 60% keyboard sits easily between TKL and 60% keyboard as we sits it according to the size. A 60% keyboard contains a lot of functionality for its users or customers on TKL. It is included in one of the unique keyboards which are filling a niche and a niche is growing in popularity only. The users feel good while they are using this keyboard just because its features and due to the design too. It has a best design or style which attracted most of the gamers and the people started purchasing this keyboard. By the design or style, mostly people are also attracted due to the advantages of this keyboard, due to the functions of this keyboard for their gaming purposes.

Best 60% keyboards

There are many 60% keyboards are available to purchase but in this article, we will describe few of them for you. You can get ideas and know about the advantages or disadvantages of best 60% keyboards. After reading the whole article, you can decide which 60% keyboard is a best option for you. By reading the instruction or information related to best kind of 60% keyboards, you will buy a best one which is according to your budget plan. It is one of the best thing near a customer to know the budget of a keyboard because budget is important while purchasing a keyboard.

Types of 60% keyboard

There are different types of 60% keyboard are available and few of them will be discussed here;

  1. Ducky One 2 Mini
  2. Drevo Calibur V2
  3. HyperX Alloy Origins 60 

Ducky One 2 Mini

This keyboard is one of the best 60% keyboard overall and that is why it is at the top in the list. You can purchase this keyboard from an Amazon and you can get best quality from Amazon because it is one of the best platform for buying such kind of things. This keyboard is a best option for your gaming purposes and it provides guarantee to its users or customers.

Reasons to like Ducky One 2 Mini keyboard

In the following, there are few of the reasons and by such reasons, the users or customers buy such keyboards;

  1. It has a version of Ducky Macro V2.0
  2. There is an option of RGB LEDs via USB-C in the 60% keyboard
  3. In the Ducky One 2 Mini 60% keyboard, there is a facility of Durable PBT keycaps

Reasons to avoid purchasing Ducky One 2 Mini

Few of the reasons to avoid this kind of a keyboard

  1. It has a key chatter, one of the disadvantage of this 60% keyboard
  2. It provides poor desktop grip to users that is why, people dislike it
  3. A user faces Mac compatibility issues while using 60% keyboard

Drevo Calibur V2 60% keyboard

The Drevo Calibur Ve keyboard has a feature of Pro-grade gaming technology which helps the gamers and the users of Drevo Calibur. The technology which are included in this 60% keyboard include Anti-ghosting, Delightfully customizable LEDs, etc. These are the important things near this keyboard which is in a size of 60%. This keyboard is easily affordable to anyone to purchase because it is not so expensive to buy. 

Reasons to like Drevo Calibur V2 keyboard

  1. The design of Drevo Calibur V2 keyboard is ergonomic which is liked by most people
  2. There are stunning RGB LEDs in the Drevo Calibur V2 keyboard
  3. In this 60% keyboard, the technologies i.e. N-key rollover and anti-ghosting are used

Reasons to dislike Drevo Calibur V2 keyboard

In the following, there are few of the reasons to dislike this 60% keyboard;

  1. There is a connection of wire in this 60% keyboard
  2. The software in this keyboard is only for personal computer
  3. The quality in this keyboard is Subpar build quality

HyperX Alloy Origins 60% keyboard

Here is another best 60% keyboard named HyperX Alloy Origins which is one of the best option for gaming purposes or for gamers. In this 60% keyboard, a NGENUITY software is used to provide good services to the users. 

Reasons to like HyperX Alloy 60% keyboard

Few of the reasons to like this 60% keyboard

    1. There are robust switches in this 60% keyboard 
    2. In this keyboard, there are durable PBT keycaps and the aircraft-grade aluminium too to use it
  • There is an option of customizing lights in this keyboard and there are also macros via HyperX NGENUITY software.

Reasons to dislike

In the following, the reasons for disliking this keyboard are mentioned

  1. It has red switches only not any other switch
  2. It is not ideal option for the multitasking

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